The Pryor Times

February 25, 2013

Sherrer named to house committee

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Ben Sherrer has been named to a new House committee that will determine what bills will be heard on the House floor.

House Speaker T.W. Shannon, R-Lawton, appointed Sherrer to the House Calendar Committee, a bipartisan committee made up of 18 representatives, five of which are Democrats.

“I am honored that Speaker Shannon would ask me to serve on this important committee,” said Sherrer, D-Chouteau. “House Democrats were sent here by the citizens of their districts to do a job, and that job is much harder when one party has absolute and arbitrary discretion to determine what bills will be given an up or down vote by the full House of Representatives. Though the committee has a strong Republican majority, this committee at least ensures that both parties have a say in the process. In our democratic system of government, there is always one side that wins, but I think it is crucial that all sides have the opportunity to voice an opinion."

Previously, the House Majority Floor Leader had complete discretion to determine which bills that had passed out of committees would be scheduled for a hearing on the House floor. Current Majority Floor Leader Pam Peterson, R-Tulsa, is the chair of the Calendar Committee.