The Pryor Times

August 28, 2013

Fowler: ‘Typical first scrimmage’ for Wildcats

Chuck Porter
Sports Editor

STILWELL, OK — Salina head coach Kyle Fowler said Friday's exhibition at Stilwell was "a typical first scrimmage," and that the Wildcat football team still has some work cut out for them in the next two weeks.

"We saw some positives," Fowler said. "We saw plenty of stuff on film that we're going to back and work on [in practice]."

Two players that stood out to Fowler on game tape were senior Bret Fite and junior Colton Burgess.

Fowler said that Fite, who played last year in the secondary before moving to linebacker this season, "got better as the night went on." Fowler said that Burgess, a defensive end and wide receiver, made some good impressions to the coaching staff at both positions.

Fowler said improvements still need to be made on the Wildcat side, beginning with fundamentals.

"We've got to shore down some assignments, making sure that we're doing our job and not everyone else's," Fowler said. "We've got to go back to technique. A lot of times you get caught up in the grand scheme of things and you miss out on some of the smaller, minute details that certainly win or lose games."

Fowler said his team also needed to be in a little better shape conditioning-wise heading into the season.

Salina concludes its preseason slate Thursday at Vinita. The Wildcats open the regular season with the annual Battle of 82 at Locust Grove Sept. 6.