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December 28, 2012

Warriors undefeated

Sports Editor
Wes Reynolds

ADAIR — Wes Reynolds

Sports Editor

The Adair Lady Warriors are undefeated after 10 games.

If the flawless record falls short of painting a complete team-picture, the number 30 should turn heads. That’s the average number of points the squad is besting opponents.

“I think it’s most fun to play in games where we are challenged,” said sophomore forward Kylie Looney. “You get to go,go,go. There’s a pressure defense and then you have to be able to run the  offense, which really shows what you’re made of.”

According to the scoreboard at the end of games, Adair hasn’t seen much competition thus far.

Itss most sizable win-margins have come to the detriment of Decatur and Chouteau.

Adair embarrassed Decatur by 61 and blew out the Wildcats by 53.

Chelsea boasts the best record among opponents. Its only two losses: The Lady Warriors.

Individual skillsets contribute to the perfect record midseason.

The players, however, are quicker to attribute a “team dynamic” to this year’s success.

“We try to be team players,” senior forward Raven Campos said. “We all pass the ball as much as possible. Whoever gets the points, gets it. We don’t care who the highest scorer is. As long as we win the game, that’s all that matters.”

One goal matters most to the Lady Warrior: Winning the State Championship.

The group keeps preoccupation with this ultimate endeavor at bay with the prerequisite work of studying a team on tape and through intense practices.

The intensity of practices is fostered by Head Coach Scott Winfield.

“We give him a lot of respect,” said junior forward Molly Kerr. “He may not always look intimidating , but he is. And he will run you into the dirt.”

Adair’s roster is class-balanced with three seniors, five juniors and four sophomore.

Campos said the seniors have the responsibility of setting the tone.

“Whatever you do, they’re going to do,” Campos said. “If you’re lazy, they’re going to be lazy. If you go half way, so will they. As a senior, you should be an example and then they’re going to lead as you lead.”

According to Campos, Kerr and Looney, chemistry off the court is as in sync as on the court.

“There is no drama at all,” Kerr said. “We are like sisters and we have each other’s backs at all times.”

While a focus-induced seriousness has helped guide this team to success, players label senior post Anna Crawford the “team clown.”

“She is always cracking jokes,” Campos said, laughing.

As for nicknames, the most definitive and frequently used are tied to Molly Kerr.

“They call me ‘smiles’ or ‘Wal-Mart,’” Kerr said (while smiling). “I constantly smile, and like Wal-Mart, I have pretty much everything in my bag.”

Winfield said he has the luxury of coaching a team with a unique distinction: Balance.

“I've coached some successful teams where I have relied on one or two main scorers,” Winfield said. “With this bunch, on any given night I might have a certain girl lead scoring and the next night it’s someone else. For me, that’s what’s so special about this team. They also adjust really well on the fly.”

Evidence of the balance referenced by Winfield is in scoring statistics.

Looney averages 14 points per game. Kerr is close behind with 12 ppg, followed by Campos’ 11 ppg. Junior forward Bailey Stephens averages eight ppg and junior guard Rendi Rogers contributes six ppg.

Winfield said, aside from preseason discussions, the team motto is unspoken.

“These kids here grow up expecting to succeed,” said Winfield. “They’re spoiled a bit in that aspect, but that’s a good thing in a way because they don’t know any other way.”