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November 1, 2012

Why Christians should vote

Guest view

Christians need to vote.

In 2008, 30 million Christians did not vote and Obama won by 10 million votes. So, that should tell you that your vote counts. Right now, America has a spiritual sickness that could lead to death if we do not wake up, stand up and vote biblically!

The most precious document that we have is the Bible because it guides, empowers and provides a supernatural life in Jesus. It is the foundation of our nation (check David Barton on for accurate documented history.)

The second most important document we have is the Constitution because it is the foundation of our nation. It is not a living document that is to be changed,  modified and updated according to the whims of society. It guarantees rights as well as defining responsibilities.

There has been since the 1960s a move to remove God from the documents and directives of our nation. Since that time, our great nation, that God has blessed because we honor him as our source both in private and also in public, has begun to decline. There is an effort to dumb us down and desensitize people concerning not just religion but Christianity in particular.

If it were not for the Christian faith at the root and cornerstone of our nation we would not be blessed as we have in the past, and it is time to repent and return to God (II Chronicles 7:14). Not one individual has ever been worse off for having followed the teachings of Jesus even if they have not accepted him as Lord and Savior.

With only a 10 percent approval rate of our congress, it seems that it’s time to elect some godly leaders. You are not electing a pastor, but the leader of our nation. You may not agree with the candidate theologically, but if that person will follow the constitution (which is based on the Christian faith) there is not a problem because all decisions will be godly and blessed. But if the candidate goes against the biblical teachings concerning morality, abortion, treatment of people, supporting Israel or supporting a religion such as Islam, which leads to Sharia law and change of our constitution, then it is not right.

There are 535 people (house, senate, president and supreme court) who make laws for this nation of over 300 million. It seems odd that they can enact a policy or law they cannot change when it proves to be not in the best interest of the nation.

Your voice, in the form of a vote, is essential if you truly believe in America.

Pray. Be informed.

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