The Pryor Times

September 7, 2012

Shinn at 3 p.m.: Reading signals is part of the dance

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — If you watched the sidelines during Oklahoma's game at UTEP, you might have noticed some large placards being held up on offensive plays. The Sooners are using those to signal in plays this season.

The Sooners aren't first team to use the system. Oregon has used it for several years and so has Oklahoma State. 

"Well, just changing up how we signal," OU coach Bob Stoops said when asked about it this week, "just trying to give people different ways to signal so you’re hopefully not having signals picked up."

Stealing signals is as big a part of football as it is in baseball. Watch the sidelines and OU running backs coach Cale Gundy and receivers coach Jay Norvell are constantly flashing signs. Someone on the other sideline is always trying to figure out what they mean and vice versa. It's part of the cat-and-mouse game coaches play during games.