The Pryor Times

December 26, 2012

Commissioners terminate Building Maintenance Superintendent

PRYOR — Mayes County Commissioners got back to business the day after Christmas.

With no old or unforseen business, the Board of County Commissioners jumped right into discussion of proposed action concerning approval of the Emergency Management Performance Grant. This grant comes from the state level and is used for a number of items such as equipment, wages and fuel.

The board signed the proposed action concerning the approval of Title Sheet for Rock Creek Bridge. These are the final plans that will be read to bid, pending further approval, in April.

Similarly, the board approved the Right-of-Way, Utility and Encroachment Agreement and Resolution for the bridge over Pryor Creek. County Commissioners Alva Martin and Darrell Yoder voted to approve E.S.T Engineering for the county bridge inspection standards. Commissioner Ryan Ball voted no.

The commissioners then entered an executive session where they discussed the terms of employment of the Building Maintenance Superintendent, Bruce Chitwood.

Once they returned from executive session, the commissioners voted two against one to terminate the employment of Chitwood.

In other business, the commissioners voted to approve the awarding of all previously discussed six month bids, approved claims for payment and approved blanket purchase orders.

The commissioenrs read two resolutions for commendation.

“Mayes County Commissioners wish to congratuate Rita Littlefield upon her retirement. She has fulfilled her duties as a County Clerk’s Deputy for 13 years and eight years as Mayes County Clerk,” read Ball. “Mayes County Commissioners appreciate the service of Rita Litttlefield to Mayes County and wish her well upon her retirement.”

The other commendation was for Frank Cantey.

“Mayes County Commissioners wish to congratulate Frank Cantey upon his retirement. He has fulfilled his duties as Mayes County Sheriff for 12 years,” read Ball. “Mayes County Commissioners appreciate the service of Frank Cantey to Mayes County and wish him well upon his retirement.”