The Pryor Times

November 26, 2012

HeartLine seeks volunteers

— In this past fiscal year HeartLine served around 163,000 people. OU stadium can seat about 82,000 people. Fill it up twice and then sit down with every single person and talk to them for about 5 minutes, some of them for 30 minutes or longer. In those conversations, listen to their fears, anxieties, and frustrations. Give them some options which they may not have seen before and send them out of the stadium one-by-one. This is the work done by HeartLine Call Specialists working around the clock to empower the people of Oklahoma with help, hope and information.

You could be that voice that helps someone out of domestic violence, helps the homeless person find a shelter, helps the single parent find a food pantry or even saves the life of someone who has lost all reason to live. For more information about volunteering call Louis Paugh at 840-9396 ext 167, or e-mail .