The Pryor Times

February 1, 2013

Remembering Lucy Belle Schultz

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— Mayes County is mourning the loss of one of its most beloved citizens, Lucy Belle Schultz. Schultz died Thursday night, at age 90.

Lucy Belle, as she was commonly called, left a legacy that included dozens of council, board and committee positions. People all over the community are recalling their fondest memory of her.

In 1991, then council-member, Schultz was elected as the city’s 31st mayor thus becoming the first and only female mayor of Pryor. The town’s curent mayor, Jimmy Tramel, speaks of Schultz.

 “When one thinks about Lucy Belle one says what a wonderful Lady she was. Lucy was a continual ambassador for Pryor. No matter who, what or where she was Pryor was a topic of discussion. I am proud that I knew this wonderful lady as she went 100 miles an hour in everything she did. Lucy Belle Schultz positively impacted every one’s life in Pryor whether she personally met them or not. “Family” stand tall and be proud as she truly was Mrs. Pryor. We will miss here deeply.”

City councilman Greg Rosamond remembers her fondly.

“The city of Pryor, and the state of Oklahoma, have lost a pioneer today. Lucy Belle Schultz was an amazing woman, a loyal public servant, and a tremendous ambassador for all of Northeastern Oklahoma. Not only was she the first female mayor of Pryor, but she also is a former winner of the Oklahoma Mayor of the Year award. Simply speaking, the city of Pryor is a better place for all of us because of Lucy Belle Schultz.

Lucy taught me a great deal about public service, and I will be forever grateful to her. She will truly be missed,” said Rosamond

Her impact reached farther than city council, however.

“I was deeply saddened to hear of my friend Lucy Belle Shultz’s passing yesterday. I have served with Lucy Belle on the Thunderbird Youth Academy Foundation for 20 years now. Also, I have had the distinct privilege of working for Lucy Belle when she served as Mayor of our great city. Lucy Belle was a go-getter! She was involved in our community. She loved the cadets of the Thunderbird Youth Academy and she loved her precious friends at the nutrition center. Lucy Belle was the City of Pryor’s best friend. Lucy wanted to help make a difference and she did! I’ll never forget that dazzle in her eyes that was uniquely Lucy. Lucy knew what was happening in her community – she stayed active and involved. Her robust willingness to help, to volunteer, was unprecedented,” said Derek Melton, Assistant Chief of Police. “Last month I was privileged to take Lucy on a date to McAlister’s restaurant in Broken Arrow after a Thunderbird Youth Academy Foundation meeting. As she sat across from me, sharing a meal, all of her conversation was directed at helping other people. Her involvement with Grand Gateway, and with the City of Pryor, and the many, many other organizations were because she loved people and she wanted to make their lives better. None of us will know the depth of her involvement, and the good that we taste every day because of her sacrifice. Lucy Belle, we will miss you, and you have left for us an example that will be very difficult to match. May you rest now, your effectual labors are finished, my friend.”

Pictured above Lucy Belle Schultz recieves proclamation from Mayor Tramel declaring October 26, Lucy Bell Schultz Day in her town, Pryor..