The Pryor Times

January 29, 2013

Grand Gateway applies for grants

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— Grand Gateway found its way onto the Mayes County Board of Commissioners meeting agenda again Monday.

This time, the discussion was over Community Development Block Grants. According to Grand Gateway’s website, CDBGs are allocated by the Oklahoma State Department of Commerce. These grants are constructed with the objective of providing assistance to low and moderate income communities.

The first proposed agenda item concerned sponsorship for a CDBG grant for the Pin Oak Addition waterline.

“This is a little addition, east of Mazie, is looking for a grant to run a water line. Grand Gateway said they need to come through us on this,” said District  2 Commissioner Darrell Yoder.

The second item was a CDBG Grant for the Fleming waterline, southeast of Sam’s Corner. Both of these will be completed with help from Grand Gateway securing grants.

“This one is on Murphy hill. About 50 homes out there are still on wells and it’s terrible water,” said Yoder.

CDBG grants are awarded to cities, towns and counties for water and wastewater construction to meet development needs. All eligible entities must meet low to moderate income requirements as required by HUD.

The commissioners voted to approve both items. Grand Gateway will now begin the process of applying for the grants.

A purchase contract for equipment, specifically a John Deere backhoe, was approved. The funding comes from the Revolving Fund.

Lucy Bell Schultz spoke on behalf of the Mayes County Senior Citizen Center.

“I’m asking the commissioners for their cooperation in securing and keeping the flags up. We have a light that shines on both flags,” said Schultz. “The seniors really enjoy these flags, We have quite a few veterans that appreciate it as well.

“I am asking your support to purchase them.”

“I don’t know that we can buy them with county money, but if we can we will get it done,” said District 1 Commissioner, Alva Martin.

Commissioners discussed getting Ben Sherrer’s support in the purchase.

The Building Maintenance Super-intendent position was filled.

“We had some great applicants. We took a couple of the applicants on a tour to see the geothermal system,” said Martin. “ Wayne Richardson is very familiar with how it operates. He’s going to make charts to do weekly reports. In the end he will save us a lot of money.”

Both Yoder and District 3 Commissioner Ryan Ball voiced their support and approval of Richardson.

“Do you want to start him at $2,971 a month? That’s the top,” said Martin.

“If he can do everything he says he’s going to do, he will save us a lot of money. I think he’s qualified to start at the top,” said Yoder.

The commissioners voted to approve the hire and starting pay.

Appropriation of T-county Highway was approved, with District 1 $72,613, District 2 $71,213 and District 3 $70,213.