The Pryor Times

January 24, 2013

Rec center hears age limit argument

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— Arguments arose over the proposal to change the age requirement to use the weight room of the Pryor Creek Recreation Center. Both sides of the issue were represented at Tuesday’s board meeting.

The group did not have to wait long as the meeting was called to order and the minutes were approved quickly.

Eddie Peters initially brought the issue to the PCRC board Dec. 18. On the first agenda, Peters presented a petition to the board with a list of names of people in support of changing the age requirement to use the weight room from 14 to 12, with adult supervision. He pointed out that John Hawkins with Integrated Insurance signed the petition and therefore there is not a problem with PCRC’s insurance in regard to this change.

Peters said he had spoken to a couple of coaches who were in support of this change, as it would combat childhood obesity. Peters continued to spell out his case, citing the potential revenue increase and the positive effect the change would have on children. The board determined it would come to a decision at the Dec. 22 board meeting.

All of this set the stage for Tuesday’s meeting. Peters was again given a chance to petition his request.  

“Basically, all I have to say is that my vision for PCRC is for it to be a financially secure family center held in high regard, supported community wide,” said Peters. “I suggest we try this age change for 30 days to see how it goes. If it causes problems I’ll go away, but I think you’ll see an increase in memberships.”

Peters referred to the outline he brought for the board to read. His outline stated that, “A responsible board will work out a compromise that will be acceptable to both factions without doing irreparable harm to the harmony of our community and to the financial support this facility currently enjoys.”

The outline continued to stipulate that “long-term local business supporters such as myself, KASKA, Ray Properties, Peters Investments, might decide to discontinue financial support of memberships to this facility for their employees.”

After discussing his outline, the board listened as Peters continued to present his case.

“I think it is ridiculous that I can’t hire a personal trainer to work out with my child. How is that logical? Do we not welcome the potential revenue,” said Peters.

Peters discussed childhood obesity and the role PCRC could be playing. In regard to the survey Peters placed at the reception desk, he said he was surprised at how many people were opposed. At this point, Peters left the meeting.

Before the board had a chance to respond, a PCRC member opposed to the change voiced her opinion.

“There are machines here that can cause serious injury. If you do this, it should be limited to one night a week, a family night,” said Robin Sanders. “As far as child obesity there are other options. I feel like the opposite viewpoint should be represented.”

At the end of the meeting, the board began discussing unforeseen business.

“Unfortunately the parties that need to hear this have already left,” said board member Steve Wyneken. “We are going to see if there is interest in a family fitness night. It won’t be in the weight room, but it will be a great workout. A petition will be on the counter. “

The board said they had not set a minimum age for this course, but notice will be given when the course begins.