The Pryor Times

January 10, 2013

Adair on Rural Water 6 by week’s end

Managing Editor
Kathy Parker

— The town of Adair will be getting water from District 6 this week.

“They were supposed to hook that up today, I think,” Mayor Steve Hall said at the trustee meeting Monday night. “I know they’ve flushed all the lines.”

Trustee Craig Cooper said he understood the hook up would be Tuesday.

Water Superintendent Scott Martin said the changeover will definitely be complete by the end of this week.

Discussion turned to the new waterline project, to lay new pipe and install new meters in town.

Engineer Dwayne Henderson reviewed the bids. Seven bids were submitted.

“We knew the chance of getting it all done were slim,” Henderson said, “but we mapped it all.” The project is divided into several sections.

“The main thing is to make it more cost effective for contractors,” Henderson said.

The amount the town has secured for the project, mostly from Rural Economic Action Plan grants, is $158,900.

Henderson said the low bidder was Crossbow Construction from Claremore. The base bid, to lay pipe from the ballpark across Highway 28, is $118,210. Based on the bids, Henderson showed trustees how much more could be completed with the money allotted.

Martin showed on the map where he has the most problem with water line breaks, on Second Street and in front of the ballpark.

Trustees voted to accept the base bid plus get a cost for an alternate project section to run from William Penn Street, to Second Street, west to Powell Street.

The town has ordered water meters which can be read electronically. A total of 300 meters are needed for the entire town. Sunday, 120 meters arrived. Martin said he put three meters in the ground Monday and intended to place three more Tuesday. The meters will be read with a hand-held device. A laptop computer to read the meters added $10,000 to the cost.

“The hand-held will do everything the laptop will do,” Martin said.

Trustees discussed the cost of having HD Supply place all the meters at once. Members voted to get the price on placing the meters at one time. If the cost is $30 for each meter or less, the board voted to have the meters installed by HD Supply, who will hire contract labor to put all the meters in at one time.

After much discussion, trustees decided to place the first 120 meters on the east side of town.

A bid was accepted from the Whitney company for building materials for a metal building to house the irrigation gun at the sewer plant. The $9,104 includes insulation and freight. It does not include erecting the building.

Cooper said the bill for erecting the building would be as much as the materials.

Trustees will hire someone to help city employee David Bauer erect the building.

The money to pay for the building will be taken from the capitol outlay account.

The police department wrote 36 tickets in December and made one arrest. Everyone involved agreed the electronic ticketing system works well.

The fire department made 10 runs in December and continue working on a new brush rig which will replace an old one.

An empty house near the school was burned for training New Year’s Eve.

Trustees voted to advertise for applications for a full-time police officer.

The town has one full-time officer during the day and trustees want

to add another. Applications will be accepted until 4 p.m., Jan. 25.