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December 26, 2012

Pryor Council discusses WIFI

PRYOR — The most talked about item on Tuesday’s City Council agenda was the City of Pryor Creek’s Wireless WIFI project.

Outside of the meeting, Councilman Randy Chitwood explained the council would like the wireless Internet service to be city-wide, but it is not at this time.

“Right now the WIFI project is covering the main street area, in correlation with the main street revitalization project,” said Chitwood.

The council’s discussion began with the suggestion of purchasing materials totaling $101,012 from Techsico Enterprise Solution for the Wireless Mesh Access Promotional WIFI project. The city received no other bids. After discussion, the council approved this expenditure.

Council members discussed the $10,492 that the antennas would cost from the same company. Tramel explained that the money would be coming from the Real Property and Acquisition fund and would be repaid by a grant. The council approved.

Discussion arose over the proposed approval of JTAC support for three years, which would total $12,933, and the purchase of one 50-meg Bandwidth via Ethernet sources that would cost $2,180 per month for three years.

“Are we paying up front for all three years?” said Councilman Greg Rosamond.

Tramel answered no, that it was $12,933 per year. In an effort to clarify, Councilman Travis Noland asked a similar question.

“We aren’t paying this immediately, not until we receive the grant. And the grant covers all three years,” said Noland.

“No, we renew each year. The $19,933 is the cost of a three-year contract,” said Tramel.

“The city cannot extend itself more than a year at a time, so we cannot commit to a three year contract. The contract has been amended to include a cancellation and renewal clause,” said city attorney Kim Ritchie.

Councilman Chitwood explained that it is a three year service agreement but because of city stipulations a clause had to be added giving the city the chance to renew or cancel annually.

Questions arose in regard to what the next city council would do, and what the cost of canceling would be.

“If the next council doesn’t renew, which I don’t know why they wouldn’t, then we are out the remainder of the money.”

Chitwood said the grant came from Google, and that the city will receive a $6,000 deduction if they order by the first of the year.

The council will purchase the necessary equipment in hopes that the project will  be underway in February 2013.


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