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July 9, 2013

Floodplain board: Mountains out of molehills


A motion was made to rescind the original motion requiring engineer services and studies. With a second and unanimous votes the motion was approved but the citizens had more to say.

“From listening to you all, I'd say you don't know any more than I do having lived out there 50 years. How do you decide when you require an engineer? You're opening yourself for a bad situation by picking and choosing,” said one flood plain resident, who lives on a different creek from the Ball family.

“Let's say all this is over and we've resolved everything and finished the projects. Then let's say someone like, I don't know, Ron Coats, drives by and sees the road is flooded and files a complaint. Do we have to get an engineer and start all over?” asked another citizen.

Sisemore said the original motion was discussed prior to the meeting.

“So you didn't discuss it as a board, you came up with it on your own,” the citizen said, to which Sisemore said no, the members did discuss it as a board. “You'll have to pick one or the other.”

Another citizen pointed out Bates was issued a permit with very little discussion, and it appears Ball's situation was the same but was being treated much differently.

Several flood plain residents asked if just anyone can file a complaint and whether consideration would be given to where the individual lives or whether a bias could exist.

The board made and approved a motion to have a planning meeting to consider re-wording the ordinance to avoid future problems.


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