The Pryor Times

November 8, 2012

Sewer plant complete, water projects continue

Managing Editor
Kathy Parker

ADAIR — Adair’s new waste water plant is a done deal.

“The waste water project is done?” Mayor Steve Hall asked engineer Dwayne Henderson. “We don’t need it on the agenda anymore?”

“I’m not sure what else there is to do,” Henderson said. “The town has paid everyone.”

Trustees then turned their attention to water projects at the Monday meeting.

Hall said pipe connecting the town to Rural Water District 6 has been laid up to Road 437.

“That meter already has water to it,” Hall said.

Additional funds from Cherokee Nation and the Department of Commerce have made it possible to lay an additional one-half mile of pipe. Henderson said a pre-construction meeting to begin that phase of the project will be later this week.

“That will go pretty quick once the contractor gets material and equipment in there,” Hall said. Once that pipe is down and two meters are set to tie in houses, the water system can be switched from Adair’s water plant to RWD 6.

Water Superintendent Scott Martin said the conversion can’t happen soon enough. The plant is operating on it’s last legs.

“We’re standing by,” Martin said. “If it goes down again, it ain’t coming back up.”

A third water project will provide new pipe and water meters in town. Hall said the estimated cost of residential meters is $60,000, but these meters can be read electronically and monitor leaks, which will be more efficient, cut labor costs and save water.

Trustees discussed issuing water credits to three accounts. Roger Thomas asked for a credit for an excessively high water bill, but when water clerk Melissa Crawford researched the history of usage on the account, it showed the house used from 7,000 to 12,000 gallons, so the usage was not excessive. Thomas will receive a $9.59 sewer credit.

The water was left running on the Stanley Crawford account due to watering cattle. The Crawfords asked for sewer credit since the water did not run through the sewer system. Trustees voted to credit the account $67.28.

A leak at the Gary Calvert home resulted in a water bill of $378.10 on 39,179 gallons. The leak was at the back of the house and the owner’s responsibility, but trustees voted to credit $88.61 for sewer and allow the account to be paid in installments with no penalties as long as a payment is made by the 10th of each month.

After an executive session, Police Chief Alvin Nelson was put on paid leave until Dec. 3. An agenda item asked trustees to accept his resignation, but Nelson was put on leave instead. Chief Jordan was named interim police chief. Adair has three paid police officers: Hank Perryman, Kody Rowley and Joey Johnson and four unpaid reserves: Ben McGregor, Asa Sharp, Rick Taylor and Wesley Reed.

The fire department had 10 runs in October. Fire Chief Craig Cooper said the department is working toward purchasing a new brush rig.

Trustees approved buying hams for town employees and all firefighters.