The Pryor Times

September 21, 2013

Pryor MUB shops local

Cydney Baron
Staff Reporter

PRYOR, OK — Pryor’s Municipal Utility Board will occupy the majority of the first floor of the new city hall, along with Mayes County Emergency Management.

Gary Pruett, MUB General Manager, said the furnishings have been built and the table in the board’s meeting room is already in place.

Pruett said MUB ordered a total of 33 chairs for the new building, the most expensive of which will be placed

at the drive-through window.

“Because the person working that window  will work two jobs, one at desk height and one at window height, this chair raises to accommodate both. It was cheaper than buying two chairs, so we saved ourselves a few bucks,” said Pruett.

The drive-through window is a new service at MUB and will be open during regular office hours for bill pay.

Pruett said the office furniture and desk organization materials were all ordered from a local office supply store. He said the table, chairs and refrigerator for the break room have been ordered as well. The refrigerator was ordered locally from Sears.

“We’re down to getting a couple of flat-screen TV’s, which we will get out at Walmart,” said Pruett. “And we have a grant pending for a Smartboard for the board room.”

Pruett said it will be all hands on deck when it comes time to move from the current location to the new.

“We plan to close business here, Friday, Oct. 4, and open for business in our new location Monday, Oct. 7,” said Pruett. “Our staff, even some of our field crews, will be working that weekend to move everything over. I’ll buy pizza and we’ll just work until it’s done.”

MUB Office Manager Teri Hill said MUB wants to make a move without an interruption in service or office hours.