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February 15, 2013

Nuisance house gets another chance

A Chouteau resident given 120 days to clean up his residence was given 30 more days Monday.

The council discussed a house at 111 S. McCracken St. which has been a topic over several meetings. The house is in disrepair and the owner has been given time to clean and fix up the property. The owner, Mohamed Boudhhir, has been living in the dilapidated structure.

“I’ve been working seven 12’s and haven’t had time to help him. I hate to see a man kicked out of his home,” a friend Boudhhir’s told the council.

“You were given 90 days, then 30 more and nothing has been done,” said Mayor Jerry Floyd. “The cheapest I’ve found is $4,500, to tear it down and clean it up.”

“I think that if we tear it down and get a lien against it, we won’t get our money’s worth. If the fence and yard is cleaned up, we could save that house. The roof is caving in on the back of the house but the front doesn’t look too bad,” said Floyd.

“There’s no utilities in the house,” said Councilman Cecil Lane. “It’s a hazard.”

Mohamed’s friend said he has power but the water line is broken.

“Well, two of his neighbors caught me in the street the other day wanting to know when something will be done. The fence and the yard are their biggest complaint,” said Floyd.

“We’ve got laws and ordinances. We can’t let this go and then pick on other people.”

Boudhhir’s friend told the council that Boudhir could clean up the fence and yard without help, but he spends his day tutoring at Tulsa University.

“If we put this off for another 30 days, will you have it done, because we were supposed to do something tonight,” said Councilman David Morgan.

A motion was made to grant the additional 30, and the council voiced their support.

A resolution was made consenting to the assignment of the cable franchise and system to BCI Allegiance, LLC to go into effect immediately upon passage.

“We’ve got a new contract with Allegiance. It’s identical to what we’ve always had, just a renewal,” said Floyd.

Council member Brenda Cunningham asked about the length of the contract. When she learned it is a year long contract, she expressed concern.

“They said we would be able to have Internet and I called to ask them about it and they said they didn’t offer it,” said Cunningham.

Several members of the council assured her it was an option offered by Allegiance.

The next item on the agenda regarded the town’s budget. The General Fund, from July 1 to Dec. 31, 2012, received a revenue of $524,947.88 and expenditures in the amount of $566, 816.58. The difference between the two is a deficit of $41,868.70. The amount in the town’s bank account has decreased $49,125.40.

“This is what I’ve been saying, we’re spending more than we’re taking in,” said Floyd. “Last month we brought it up about $10,000 and had less expenditures, but we’ll have to keep an eye on it.

“We’re going to have to watch our spending so we balance by the end of the fiscal year,” said Floyd. “We very seldom turn down the chiefs or the superintendents when they want anything, we need to get that in hand.”

Floyd used the dog pound as an example, saying they have picked up very few animals. The town hired a temporary employee to take the place of the employee that runs the pound when he is on vacation. Floyd suggested perhaps the temporary employee’s position is unnecessary.

A couple of petitions from the audience pointed out that the town does not have the revenue to support new endeavors such as the pound system and the library.

“We’re not going to take any action tonight, but we need to be watching it,” said Floyd.

The town ordinance regarding town clerk/treasurer pay was up next.

The issue was adjusting her pay to compensate her for town meetings and special meetings.

“I put in about 14 hours and 18 miles traveling time. The $60 divided into the 14 hours I spend isn’t very much,” said current treasurer Donna Smith.

“The new ordinance is $300 per month and an additional $100 for regular meetings and $50 for special meetings,” said Floyd. “This is $400 a month, plus $50 for any special meetings.”

This new change was proposed to begin April 15, after elections.

Cunningham seconded Floyd’s motion, and all votes were yes.

“For the mayor’s report, I wanted to tell you that I got a letter today from Grand Gateway that they are accepting CDBG grants at this time. I really don’t know anything right now that we need the money for, but let me know if you know of anything,” said Floyd.

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