The Pryor Times

March 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor

— Dear Editor,

I grew up in rural Oklahoma where kids eagerly await their ninth birthdays in anticipation of raising their first 4-H livestock project. For me, it was a crossbred pig, but regardless of the type of animal, the one thing all exhibitors have in common is the long list of life lessons these projects teach us.

Caring for an animal regardless of the weather, sacrificing other activities to be in the show ring and preparing diligently but not always coming home with a blue ribbon are all experiences that taught me so much about the value of hard work, goal-setting, patience and humility. Like so many others, I had to lose before I won, but the second places or the times I didn't even qualify were invaluable in my quest to improve.  

More than 7,000 youth from across the state will descend upon Oklahoma City March 15-26 for the Oklahoma Youth Expo, the world's largest livestock show, and I am proud to say these students are the future of Oklahoma agriculture. Exhibiting at the Oklahoma Youth Expo helps instill a passion for the agricultural industry and encourages self-confidence and leadership in our youth, all of which are needed to ensure one of our state's leading industries remains viable in producing a safe, affordable and abundant supply of food and fiber.

There is no doubt the Oklahoma Youth Expo has a huge economic impact on the Oklahoma City community, as it draws more than 50,000 visitors to the city and creates a $24.5 million annual boost in the local economy. But more than the economic benefit, the show is a huge investment in human capital.  These young men and women are tomorrow's farmers, ranchers, business owners, educators, politicians and leaders. As an executive who is always looking for talented individuals to join our team, I commend the Oklahoma Youth Expo for helping students develop a marketable skill set employers are always eager to find.

Oklahoma Farm Bureau is proud to sponsor the Oklahoma Youth Expo and the dedicated youth who participate each year. As the state's largest agricultural organization, we pride our self on supporting students who are passionate about the agricultural industry and the legacy of rural Oklahoma. Good luck to all Oklahoma Youth Expo exhibitors!

Monica Wilke

Oklahoma Farm Bureau executive director

Dear Editor,

I want to thank everyone who responded to my letter to the editor. No one is willing to come forward because they fear retribution from Jimmy, Walter and the boys.

It appears the bureaucrats have also formed a defensive perimeter.

When the Nazi war crimes trials were held in Nuremberg, every Nazi claimed he was just following orders. Over six million Jews died because the Nazis were only doing their jobs.

One of our founding fathers made this statement (and I quote):

“I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”  Thomas Jefferson

Please continue calling me on your problems with Jimmy, Walter and the boys at (580) 252-1482 or if you’re not afraid send letters to:

Bill Hutsell

525 Walnut Hill Dr.

Duncan  OK  73533