The Pryor Times

May 1, 2014

LG trustees make decision; school officials not present

Times Correspondent
Diana Dickinson

PRYOR, OK — LOCUST GROVE — Mayor Heath Holman opened the LG Town Hall special meeting on the building project for the school.  

The board wants a water retention plan to be produced by the school. The board members were opposed for the project to get the go ahead based off of concerns about overflowing drains that are currently handling a large volume of downpour. Garver Engineers addressed retention plan concerns in the last town hall meeting. Representatives from the school were not in attendance.

Town Clerk Tamatha Ogilvie said, “I will contact the school via phone.”  

“Shouldn’t we send something to them in writing?” board member Steven Perry asked. The board members agreed that something in writing should be submitted to the school.  The minutes of the special meeting will be mailed to the school.

The board discussed installing a galvanized culvert tin horn or a poly tin horn on Holman Lane due to the driveway washing out.  Holman said, “Wheeler Metal in Muskogee quoted the 25-foot galvanized culvert tin horn at $1,300.”

“A 20-foot poly tin horn is $1,500,” board member Terry Cooper said. The concern was the cost, size, and longevity of the product chosen.  The board approved Wheeler Metal to not exceed $1,300 since it met all concerns.  

Pay increases were approved for one dollar more an hour for both Brenda Williams who will be making $14.50 an hour and Chris Edwards and will be making $18 an hour.   

Tammy Ward has resigned as city attorney. The decision was made to advertise in Pryor Times and The Paper for a replacement.    

“The candidates need interviewed before the next town hall meeting and the board can appoint someone at that time,” Ogilvie said.  “I think getting two or three interviews in is best.”

The board approved invoices for Garver Engineers totaling $133,685 which was overlooked on the last agenda.