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August 3, 2013

Safari Joe found not guilty



Monroe said the allegations coincide with a custody dispute between Estes and Simpson regarding their two sons.
“Heather’s new husband called the District Attorney Investigator to prompt an investigation,” Monroe said.
The State called several witnesses to the stand, including both girls, who are now 19-years old. 
L.J. testified that the reason she did not come forward sooner was because she had not been ready to address what had allegedly happened to her until last year in counseling.
In addition to the two victims, Hill called two other women to the stand, both giving testimony of incidents involving Estes.
One testified that Estes took her shopping for a swimsuit at a mall 11 years ago as a favor to her grandparents, who knew Estes professionally.
According to her testimony, Estes offered to buy her a second swimsuit if she “modeled it for him.” She testified that on the way home, Estes put his hand in the waistband of her pants, but she stopped him.
The second woman testified that in 1999, at the age of 16, she redeemed a gift certificate for a massage and Estes was her masseuse. She testified that the massage made her uncomfortable and that Estes massaged her breasts, buttocks and his hand “brushed” her private area.
On cross-examination, Monroe suggested that L.J. and C.G. had not come forward until last year, when Simpson and Estes were battling custody of their boys.
The defense revealed that during a Department of Human Services investigation in 2008, C.G. told officials that Estes had never done anything inappropriate with her.
Monroe called several witnesses who testified that Estes had never displayed any behavior that would raise red flags or call into question his character.
L.J. had testified that Simpson had never pressured her to come forward, but the defense called a witness that testified that L.J. had complained to him that Simpson was “texting and calling” her all the time in an effort to get her to come forward with her allegations.

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