The Pryor Times

August 3, 2013

More bodies discovered

Cydney Baron
Staff Writer


Two more dead bodies were found in Mayes County, bringing the count for the summer to seven. 
Charles Cox was found dead July 28 at 10:20 a.m at his residence just west of Pryor. Mayes County Sheriff's Office say that at this time they suspect the cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound but are awaiting confirmation from the medical examiner. 
Wednesday, July 31, a man was found near Cedar Crest Country Club south of Locust Grove. The Sheriff's Office says the man was found by a friend who came to check on him. The man's name is not being released at this time as they are still working to notify the next of kin. They do confirm, however, that the individual was a white male around 60 years of age. 
“At this time we believe the evidence suggests the death was from natural causes,” said Captain Rod Howell of the Sheriff's Office. “We have no suspicion of foul play.”
While these two bring the body count up to seven within eight weeks, the Sheriff's Office stresses that they are not connected. 
The first body, Roy Joice, 58, was found on Earbob Road in Locust Grove on June 8. The body was discovered and called in by a fisherman. At this time the Sheriff's Office suspects suicide. On June 27 the body of a white male in his mid 60's was called in by a fisherman. Grand River Dam Authority is leading that investigation and neither cause of death or identity have been released. The body was found in Big Cabin Creek near Adair. 
The third individual, Larry Wall, was found at Low Water Dam in Locust Grove. At this point in the investigation the Sheriff's Office suspects suicide. 
The fourth body was the first female, found on the Fourth of July weekend. Pamela Korbelik was found in Saline Creek by a fisherman who called authorities to report a body floating in the water. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is assisting the Sheriff's Office in the investigation. While it has not been confirmed, they suspect homicide at this time. 
Earlene Anderson, 56, of Locust Grove, was the fifth individual found. Anderson was found in Spring Creek, by a fisherman, and authorities report the cause of death appears to be a self-inflicted gun shot wound. They say a suicide note was found at the scene. Howell reports that in this investigation they have pursued every possible lead and that none have led to any information that conflict with their conclusion. In response to rumors that Anderson was seen speeding down a road in Locust Grove and appeard to be being pursued by another vehicle, Howell said they have thoroughly reviewed surveillance video and have not found that to be the case. 
“My heart goes out to these families, it really does,” said Howell. “I dread having to call these families, we treat everyone with the same compassion and dignity that we would our own families. It's a tragedy, it really is.”