The Pryor Times

October 29, 2013

Small fix turns into bigger problem

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Mayes County's Board of Commissioners held an emergency meeting Monday to discuss the sewer line at the jail.

“It started out to be a little $15 fix,, so now theirs no telling where it will end,” said Commissioner Alva Martin. “We thought it was just a joint, now it's a joint and the pipes.”

“It's going to be a nightmare,” Commissioner Ryan Ball said.

The existing ductile iron sewer line has been in place 13 years, according to Martin, and is now rotting. The county has no way to get an estimate on the cost.

“You may have to replace the whole thing, so you'd have to rip up the floor. And from the sound of it, it's getting deeper,” said Ball.

At the emergency meeting the commissioners declared the situation an emergency, and approved paying for repairs.

The emergency declaration, Martin said, only covers up to $35,000.

“We'll just have to have another meeting and figure it out after that, if they go over,” said Ball.

Sheriff Mike Reed asked the commissioners what they thought about the plumbers suggestion to run a scope through the line to further evaluate the problem.

“I don't know anything about construction, I wish you all would go over and tell them what you think,” said Reed, which the commissioners agreed to do.

“We'll have to do whatever it takes to get it fixed,” said Commissioner Darrell Yoder, as there are too many variables to anticipate the repair cost for the nearly 150 feet of sewer line.

Martin said he anticipates plumbers will run into more problems as work crews continue.

Reed said the jail has made a few changes to both laundry and food service.

“We could have to move inmates around, if the damaged line goes far enough. We are at full capacity right now. We would have to see if there are other facilities that can accommodate them,” said Reed. “I may have to talk to a judge about a release for inmates that are almost out or the low level inmates.”

Reed said no inmate status has been changed so far. Crews are working non-stop to repair the damage.