The Pryor Times

September 25, 2013

Yarn bomb explodes over Pryor

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — “Breaking news, the latest Yarn Bomb is about to fly over and hit downtown Pryor!”

This month's Main Street Program newsletter announces a new event, a Yarn Bomb.

“The Yarn Bomb is a cost effective and thought provoking way to create interest in our downtown while getting the creative juices flowing and competitive spirits soaring,” said B.J. Cummings.

To pull off a yarn bomb, several people and/or groups of people agree to knit or crochet 13-inch wide covers for lamp posts on Pryor Main Street.

Cummings said the Yarn Bomb is graffiti at its best, it’s graffiti that doesn't mess  anything up and gives an outlet for creative juices to flow.

“The first of August I had received an email from Enid's Main Street Director requesting panels to display from all main street towns across Oklahoma. They would going to do a "yarn over" Enid and 1500 entries later you can see the difference they made in their city,” said Cummings. “When I went to Woodward the second week of August, she brought samples of some of the artwork and it was fabulous. There was a 3D frog that I just fell in love with. I am not much of a crocheter, I can do double crochet and that's about it, and I don't knit at all, but I just loved the idea to get some color in our downtown and create some excitement for our city.”

The Main Street Program is awarding prizes for various categories with judging being done by age group. The Yarn Bomb will begin in October and the winners will be announced on Halloween.

Cummings said the Main Street committee needs a minimum of 17 participants but welcome as many as are interested.

“Looking at pictures of Yarn Bombs in other towns I am amazed at what people have done. They have covered buses, bicycles, tanks; you name it and they have covered it,” said Cummings.

Yarn Bombs have been done worldwide, with. Sherian Davis, of Wallpapers and More in Pryor, participated in the Enid Yarn Bomb.

“I think it's a hoot,” said Barbara Hawkins, Pryor Chamber of Commerce President. “It's such a fun, creative idea.”

Hawkins said she wasn't “overly enthusiastic” about the event until she looked up Yarn Bomb on Google.

“In San Francisco they did the San Francisco bridge. People love this,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins has already purchased her yarn and is excited to get started.

“I think it's going to draw a lot of interest. It's already generating some great conversation,” said Hawkins.

“This is not just for main street merchants, we welcome any individuals or groups,” said Cummings. “Tell everyone you know what is about to happen and lets make-over Pryor.

To sign up contact the Main Street Program Office at 918-825-1095 or email