September 21, 2013

LG man charged with 1st degree rape

September 21, 2013 Cydney Baron Staff Reporter

PRYOR, OK — Brandon Simpson, Locust Grove, is charged with rape, lewd exposure and lewd molestation after former charges of forcible sodomy.

Testimony in new charges reopened the

former case for 33-year-old Simpson.

On Sept. 11, a Child Advocacy Center employee conducted an interview with a

14-year-old female in which the minor

disclosed that Simpson had “touched her on several occasions” two years ago.

The minor said Simpson entered her bedroom, lying beside her and putting his hand inside her shorts. The minor disclosed the details of that event to the child advocacy representative, saying she felt dirty.

Court documents show the minor provided testimony that Simpson told her “I can’t wait until you’re 18.”

Later, Simpson exposed himself to her. The girl said the behavior continued for about a year and a half. She said she did not report it sooner because she was afraid “everything would blow up” and she wanted to protect her parents. She is only speaking up now, she said, because of something a sibling told her.

The girl was given information that Simpson was sexually assaulting one of his own children.

Simpson was brought in for questioning Sept. 13 at which time he said his attorney did not want him to talk to police “because of what happened last time.”

The next entry in the court records shows that Simpson’s wife confronted the minor at a school football game. Officials advised a protective order.

The incident regarding his own child is the prior felony charge. Court records in that case indicate Simpson forced one of his children to perform oral sex on him. Records show Simpson refused to submit to a polygraph. In the midst of an interview, one of Simpson’s children said they “now realize dad is bad.”

A warrant was issued for Simpson’s arrest Tuesday and he was picked up by law enforcement later that day.

Simpson appeared in Judge Rebecca Gore’s courtroom for arraignment Thursday. Gore read Simpson his rights accompanying the felony charges. She told him the sentence for rape in the first degree is no less than five years and no more than life in

the Department of Corrections and that indecent exposure can carry up to 20 years. Depending on the age of the child, she said, lewd molestation carries up to 20 years and forcible sodomy can carry up to 20 years.

“Both of these cases are crimes involving children and both can carry up to a life sentence. Reports show that the defendant left the state after charges were filed, causing the state to believe he is both a flight risk and a danger. “For that reason we ask that bond be set at $200,000 per case,” said Assistant District Attorney Glen Dresback on behalf of the state of Oklahoma.

Gore consented and bond was set at a total of $400,000.


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