March 6, 2013

LG voters approve bonds

March 6, 2013

Voters in Locust Grove approved two propositions presented in Tuesday’s school bond issue.

The first bond, worth over $9 million, will pay for the construction of a new high school to be built on property just off Joe Koelsch Drive. However, $2.97 million of the bond will cover interest, which leaves $6.5 million for construction. Voters approved the bond 522 (62.1 percent) to 319 (37.9 percent).

Locust Grove Superintendent David Cash was excited at the results.

“We are obviously thrilled,” Cash said. “We just appreciate the community support. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get busy.”

The new school will be built using monolithic domes, like those used for the new Early Learning Center built on the same property.

The school bond website says the domes are safer and more efficient, operating for a fraction of the cost when it comes to energy. The domes are FEMA certified and can withstand a direct hit from a tornado.

The current high school was built in 1966, and is the oldest facility in the Locust Grove district.

“There are sure to be lots of long meetings between now and a new high school, but we are ready to get started,” Cash said.

The second bond, worth $300,000, was approved at a vote of 605 (71.1 percent) to 239 (28.3 percent).

The money will be use to purchase four new route buses and two 12 passenger vans.

Property owners pay for the bond as the millage is accessed on property tax. Locust Grove currently pays 94.82 mills.

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