May 27, 2014

Adair citizens honor those in service

May 27, 2014 Managing Editor Kathy Parker

PRYOR, OK — “This program means a lot to me as a citizen of Adair,” said Devin DeLozier, master of ceremonies at Adair’s Memorial Day program Monday.

DeLozier noted that soldiers listed on the town’s killed in action monument range from 1918 to 2004.

“This day is to honor men and women who loved this place and their families all they way to giving their lives. They showed us what it truly means to love a people - and to love a place,” said speaker Dan Lewis.

“I call on you to humble yourselves. I call on you to pray for this land, our leaders, our president,” Lewis said. “You don’t need the ear of a politician, you need the ear of God.”

Lewis closed by challenging the citizens to “live honorable lives, like so many who served in the armed forces.”

The colors were presented and the flag raised by Adair’s Boy Scout Troop 167.

It is a tradition at Adair’s Memorial Day program for FFA members to present recitations.

Karli Jones presented “The Gettysburg Address.” Zach Meadows recited the Concord Hymn. Kalli Miller presented “A Soldier’s Prayer” and Megan Smith recited “In Flanders Field.”

Vocal music was provided by Tim Webb.

To end the ceremony, Adair firefighters laid a wreath at the monument listing Adair soldiers killed in action.

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