The Pryor Times

March 6, 2012

Pro-life activist on Oklahoma ballot

Staff Writer
Ted King

— Oklahoma Democrats dissatisfied with President Obama will have a candidate to choose today.

Pro-Life activist Randall Terry was in Oklahoma campaigning for the Democrat nomination. Terry is best known as the founder of “Operation Rescue” in the 1980s and ’90s. “Operation Rescue” members would block entrances to abortion clinics. Terry began his involvement in the pro-life movement in the spring of 1984.

Terry said he has been arrested about 50 times over the years. Terry claims that he spent a year of his life in jail. Terry’s crusade cost him his home in upstate New York, he said, as he had been sued many times by pro-choice groups and claims to have lost his life savings in the process, he said.

In May of 2009, Terry led pro-life protesters at Notre Dame University when Obama received an honorary doctorate at the graduation ceremony. Terry and others were arrested when they stepped on the Notre Dame campus to pray. Terry has graphic political campaign ads running in 15 states showing aborted babies. This tactic has made Terry unpopular in the pro-life movement. Terry insists that until the public comes face to face with the consequences of abortion, it will never be made illegal. Terry cites images of black men hanging from trees in the south and images of dead children in Vietnam as turning points in changing the public’s perception of segregation and the Vietnam war. Terry said he has spent $40,000 on television ads in Oklahoma.

“I became a Republican to help the pro-life cause,” said Terry. “I became a Democrat to help the pro-life cause.” Terry will be on the ballot in several states this fall as a third party candidate. His intention is to run the graphic ads and suppress the Obama vote in the fall election.

On other issues, Terry is in favor of the proposed Keystone Pipeline that is to go from Canada through Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico. “Saudi Arabia is the number one financier of terrorism in the world. They are our third largest supplier of oil. ...So everytime we go to the gas pump we are funding terrorists. And we are committing economic suicide because we are transferring wealth to sheiks who wish us ill.”  Terry would not only build the Keystone pipeline but drill in the Gulf of Mexico and along the east and west coasts. “Our foreign policy and our oil policy is suicide on an installment plan,”  Terry said.

“Total entitlement reform,”  is another issue which interests Terry. He called the entitlement system “a socialist plantation.” He is proud of the fact that his father, who died when he was 60, never received Social Security. Terry said that instead of paying into Social Security, his father could have had that money in a savings account and he and his brother would have an inheritance.  

Terry said he is opposed to gay marriage and said he has been an opponent of the homosexual movement for 20 years.

On local issues Terry said, “I am one hundred percent behind the personhood bill.  Anyone who opposes it in the pro-life movement is a Benedict Arnold!”

Personhood is a proposed legal status before the Oklahoma legislature that would classify the unborn as a person.  Many pro-lifers in Oklahoma support this legislation.

Terry said, “The Democrats of this state are more conservative than the Republicans of New York.”  

Terry also said: “If I get five percent of the vote it is a major rebuke to Obama. If I get 10 percent it is a news story. If I get 15 percent I get delegates.”