The Pryor Times

February 21, 2013

Pryor Chemical under investigation

Cydney Baron
Staff Reporter

PRYOR, OK — Pryor Chemical in MidAmerica Industrial Park is under investigation by the ODEQ and EPA.

A search warrant was issued, Wednesday by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.

David Shear, a  representative of LSB Industry, the parent company of Pryor Chemical, explained the situation.

“This is being referred to simply as our quarterly report. We have been tracking this particular incident for several quarters now,” said Shear.

Reports of emissions being incorrectly documented in 2011 began the investigation.

“This is a paperwork issue. Records for a particular type of air emmission, called NOX reports, were did not correctly reflect the readings,” said Shear.

He went on to explain that the issue has nothing to do with public health or safety.

“Nothing new has happened,” said Shear. “This has simply taken a while for the ODEQ to begin. There is a lot of paperwork involved. This is nothing for people to worry about.”

The ODEQ began their investigation by retreiving documents and Pryor Chemical cooperated fully. Also present was a representative from the Environmental Protection Agency and Mayes County Sheriff’s Deputies.

The sheriff’s office is not able to release a statement because an active investigation is underway, but will provide an update as soon as possible.