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February 24, 2009

Allred Theater goes Digital/3D

From silent movies to the modern digital age, the

Allred Theater, Pryor, is going digital.

Allred Theater owner, Gene Oliver, continues commitment to Mayes County movie goers that began in 1917 by J. F. Allred. His father, Doyle Oliver, purchased the theater from in 1963.

“The Allred Theater has been part of the evolution of film presentation since the silent picture,” said Oliver. “It is now time for Digital/3D Cinema.” The first phase of the installation of 3D is scheduled for March 16. The Allred is the oldest continuously operating theater in the nation that is making this complete transition.

The movie business at the Allred is at historic highs. Business at the Allred is up 47 percent compared to the same period in 2005 - 2008. In times of economic diffi-

culty, the film business usually thrives as indicated by this massive increase, Oliver said.

The Allred is the first small-town independent theater owner in Green Country to commit to Digital/3D film projection. It also has the highest year to date increases of any theater in Green Country, Oliver said.

“With our initial investment of $1,000,000 this increases to $1,350,000 our expanding commitment to Mayes County. The support of the community has enabled us to do this and we appreciate that support.” “We also appreciate the support of RCB Bank to continue this investment.

Mayor Jimmy Tramel applauds Oliver’s investment in the community as he watches sales tax increases reflected by the Allred’s historic grosses. “Mr. Oliver’s commitment to modern movies has enhanced the downtown business area for Pryor. He helps all our community by enabling our citizens to shop in Pryor. Other businesses also benefit from the Allred’s presence,” said Tramel. “Towns this size are very fortunate to have such an investment in the community. Every dollar spent at the Allred and other Pryor businesses helps the city and the county in these difficult times.”

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