The Pryor Times

May 4, 2013

LG teen beaten, hospitalized

Cydney Baron
Staff Reporter

LOCUST GROVE, OK — A Locust Grove 14-year-old is hospitalized and in critical condition after being beaten Tuesday after school.

Captain Rod Howell, of the Mayes County Sheriff's Office, described the details of the event.

“Tuesday April 30, at 4:03 p.m., our deputies responded to a call of an aggravated assault and battery. We responded, along with Mayes Emergency Services Trust Authority. We discovered a 14-year-old male who was badly beaten. This was just west of 566 Road, on what is commonly called Copperhead Road,” said Howell.

Howell said the Locust Grove Fire Department arrived on the scene and began administering lifesaving procedures.

“Our deputies assisted in transporting him up the road because it wasn’t ambulance- friendly,” said Howell.

The victim, who is a juvenile and cannot be named, was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Tulsa. His injuries, which cannot be fully disclosed, were described as life-threatening.

“I was called in because of the extent of the injuries. At 5:01 p.m. I began an investigation,” said Howell. “The scene was compromised and chaotic because our attention was focused on saving the child’s life. But we were able to gather evidence and information for the investigation.”

During the investigation, Howell said authorities were made aware of a 17-year-old male, also from Locust Grove, who was responsible. The suspect, along with his father, were detained and taken to the sheriff’s office where Howell conducted the interview.

As a result of the interview, Howell determined there was probable cause to charge the juvenile with with aggravated assault and battery, a misdemeanor offense.

“We have also submitted charges for failing to render aid,” said Howell.

All charges must be processed through the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs, which will determine if each charge is warranted.

The sheriff’s office report lists one witness, a young child who is unable to provide more than a brief synopsis.

“The witness is a very young child. I believe he helped save the boy’s life. He ran and yelled for an adult to help. He deserves some credit for saving the boy,” said Howell.

“We talked to the victim’s mom who said that as of now he is in stable condition but he will not be able to provide a statement for a while because of his injuries,” said Howell.

Despite rumors, Howell said there is no evidence to suggest that a weapon or blunt object of any kind were used.

“There has been speculation that this happened at a bus stop, and that the boys had been fighting on the bus,” said Howell. “I cannot confirm or deny that they were fighting on the bus. But the evidence does not suggest it happened at a bus stop.”

Howell said to the best of his knowledge, neither of the boys has a criminal record.

“I’ve not been presented with any information that says the older boy has been in trouble with the law, but juvenile records can be tricky,” said Howell.

Locust Grove Public School Superintendent David Cash also wanted to dispel some rumors.

“The incident happened after school hours. We investigated it and found that it happened well after the bus driver had left,” said Cash.

Cash said he had no knowledge of a rivalry between the boys, or any altercations on the school bus.

As Copperhead Road falls in county jurisdiction, the Locust Grove Police Department are not involved in the investigation. Therefore the department is unable to disclose whether they have had issues with either teen in the past.