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January 25, 2013

Accused killer sits in jail

On Feb. 16, officials responded to Jason Norman Miller’s 911 call in which he confessed to killing two men. It was a crime scene some officials described as the most gruesome they had ever seen.

Miller is accused of killing William Lonnie Brizendine and Ronald Leroy Orear.

“The AR-15 rifle was leaned against a book shelf in the living room. The rife has a large amount of blood on the butt stock and eye piece of the scope as well as blood on the barrel,” read the crime scene report. “There was a bloody handprint on the wall as if someone was trying to flee the scene.”

Jason Miller, 35, Locust Grove, allegedly shot Orear twice in the torso and shot Brizendine once in addition to stabbing him four times in the neck. According to former sheriff Frank Cantey, Brizendine tried to run out the back door after he was shot, but was chased down and hit with the stock of the rifle. Miller sat on his back, grabbed Brizendine’s knife and stabbed him four times with it.

Officials suspected drugs, specifically methamphetamines, played a part in the crime. During questioning Miller was paranoid and said he did not know if he had used any narcotics.

Miller’s arraignment was Nov. 21, 2012, and he has been held in the Mayes County Jail since that date.

In the face of an upcoming trial, a friend of the victims spoke about the incident.

“In my opinion, there would be no situation where a person would feel threatened to the point of killing Ronnie. He was a harmless person with a good heart. Jason, however, was not a good person.”

The friend also weighed in on hopes for the judge’s final decision.

“I am conflicted because I don’t wish anyone dead, but he should pay, not just get a life sentence.”

Miller’s attorney is no longer representing him, as he had a conflict that prevented him from doing so. At this point, Miller waits for an attorney. When he gets one, he will be formally charged and enter a plea.

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