The Pryor Times

January 18, 2013

Commissioners look at superintendent apps

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— The distribution of the storage tanks donated by Google was the most discussed item on Monday’s County Commissioners Board meeting agenda.

“I thought we’d just divide them evenly,” said District 1 Commissioner, Alva Martin.

“There are 22 of them, correct? Who gets the odd one,” said District 3 Commissioner, Ryan Ball.

“Well, Big Cabin wants one for a tornado shelter,” said Martin.

“Eddie from the church at Pleasant Hope wants one for a storm shelter, I told him to talk to you about it,” said Johnniy Janzen, director of Mayes County Emergency Management.

“I have no problem with Big Cabin getting one, it’s for safety,” said District 2 Commissioner, Darrell Yoder. “Pleasant Hope can have one of mine if they need it.”

Ball questioned the legality of donating to a church. The attorney explained that it depends on the church, and that he would look into it.

Earlier in the meeting, Martin made a motion to appoint Yoder as vice chairman. Ball seconded the motion, leaving Yoder to vote aye.

As there was no old or unforseen business, the board moved to approve the monthly reports with no discussion.

The commissioners approved a comendation of service for Linda Back.

Back worked 12 years at the Mayes County Health Department. The commissioners wish to thank her for her service and wish her well in retirement.

The commisioners spent time reviewing the applications for Courthouse Building Maintenance Superintendent. They discussed that geothermal technology and computer skills are the biggest concerns in filling the position.

The board decided to notify the elegible applicants and enter into an executive session at the next meeting to conduct interviews.

Next on the agenda was the proposed action concerning approval of resolution to execute documents for repair and renovation of Grand Gateway’s Office Complex.

“Grand Gateway has outgrown their facility. They are wanting to borrow up to $175,000.  They have people working out of their conference room, they are so full,” said Martin.

Ball questioned the liability to Mayes County, and the board moved to table the issue to give the attorney time for research.

The commissioners approved the Annual Inspection of County Road System Bridges in Mayes County and the notice to proceed for Real Grant Contract #039-CD-2013.