The Pryor Times

December 27, 2012

MESTA elects new chairman

Staff Writer
Ted King

PRYOR — Brent Crittenden will serve as Mayes Emergency Services Trust Authority chairman in 2013. Crittenden represents County Commission District 2 on the MESTA board.

Trent Peper, was not elected for a second term as Chairman for 2013. Peper will remain on the board as a representative of County Commission District 1.

The board voted to reappoint Kevin Dobson as Vice Chairman and Leon Blankenship as Treasurer. The vote for chairman was the only vote taken with more than one candidate. Board members Rob Foreman and Steve Hall were absent.

The board approved purchase of a Ford Expedition 4x4 EL from North Point Ford for $31,468. Peper asked Langkamp if the Expedition ran on gas or diesel. “It runs on gas,” said Langkamp. Peper said, “What is the cost of rigging this vehicle to become an emergency vehicle?” Langkamp said it was $4,000. The Expedition will be used to pull a trailer for MESTA.

The board approved the MESTA budget for 2013. Langkamp said there was a “wish list” at the bottom of the 2013 budget and that one of those items, the Ford 4x4, was just approved by the board.

The board approved the Tri-party public deposit pledge and custody agreement. This means if MESTA has money over the $250,000 threshold amount, which is federally insured, the Bank of Commerce in Adair needs a pledge for money over the $250,000 amount from MESTA.

Under new business the board approved meeting the second Tuesday of the month for 2013, the same schedule 2012.

Rick Langkamp gave his monthly report.

MESTA tax collections were slightly higher over budget for the month of November. MESTA received $2,318.72 from the state regarding the 2011 snow storm. Langkamp said the budget at the end of 2012 is “in the black.”

In 2011 MESTA discussed purchase of a four door truck or full size sport utility vehicle to haul employees to various classes and to use when needed for transporting patients. Since that time MESTA has contemplated the purchase of a four wheel drive ambulance. An ambulance would cost $160,000 and a sport utility vehicle would cost $30,000.

The state has issued MESTA a medium duty trailer that requires a truck larger than one they currently have to pull it. Langkamp said this is why he placed purchase of a Ford 4x4 on the agenda. The board approved the purchase. Langkamp said it will be six weeks before the vehicle is put into service.

Langkamp said he is looking into converting the ambulances to natural gas. A mechanic in Adair can do it for $8,500 per ambulance. A final decision to make the conversion to natural gas will come at a future meeting.

MESTA continues to work on the redundancy issues at the 911 call center.

Langkamp said MESTA would assist Santa Claus Dec. 22 as he delivered presents to a few families in the area. Langkamp said Santa would be at MESTA headquarters for photos from 10 a.m. to noon on Dec. 22.

MESTA had 397 runs for the month of November below the average of 443.

Financial reports for MESTA showed that tax collections for November amounted to $73,305.79, about $2,000 above average.  

Insurance collections were down for the month at $159,123.23. The average insurance collections is over $175,000.

Board member Don Burger asked why collections were down. Langkamp said it was an internal issue with Intermedix billing company.

Total assets for November came to $3,442,489.