The Pryor Times

April 13, 2014

Trustees discuss water project, library

Times Correspondent
Diana Dickinson

PRYOR, OK — Salina Mayor Michael O’Rourke opened the town hall meeting Tuesday with a special award.

An Award of Valor was presented to Officer Dale Tillotson for saving another officer’s life when a suspect pulled out a gun.

“We are honored to present this award for bravery and for responding quickly in saving a life,” said O’Rourke. Officer Tillotson received the accolade from the National Criminal Enforcement Associa-tion.

Salina Public Works Authority discussed the progress of the Water Transmission Line Project.  PWA is awaiting confirmation from a contractor that is expected to happen next week. Water has been sent to the state in order to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act for a bacterial test, which takes three to four days and if approved, the water can be used.

The request to rezone residential property as commercial property owned by Casey McWhirt  was approved by the board. The proposed welding and fabrication site will financially benefit the city and 10 to 12 welders will get a job.

The Emergency Operations Plan by Mayes County Emergency Management was approved.   The Library is having technological issues with computers and software. The action/report by the Library Director Lou Ella Martin said, “My current software has run out and makes operations difficult. We bought a computer strictly for data base storage.”  The board will look into making a wholesale change out. The library’s schedule is not hindered by the inadequate technological resources until attendance and usage pick up a little. A local daycare facility will incorporate story time into their program on Wednesday each week.

The board heard a presentation by Salina High School students requesting an ordinance to prohibit use of tobacco products in the park.  No decision was made and the board will revisit the request at the next town hall meeting.

The cemetery mowing contract of service was approved for Glen Pait to maintain. A concern about workman’s compensation was alleviated since it differs between employee and contract workers. Contract workers are required to carry limited liability insurance, which means the difference of liability is a separate issue.

Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training classes for two officers were approved as long as training is coordinated to avoid officers going at the same time, leaving the police department shorthanded. “This is approved with the provision to keep scheduling from making an empty house,” O’Rourke said.

The discussion for an action to surplus a Dodge Charger and a Ford CV with additional action was approved for the police department. “The 2010 has had almost no service and is under warranty,” City Clerk P.J. Paper said. “The 2007 has been junked. The 2010 will be paid off in 10 months and we can buy a new one.”

It was determined that the 2007 Charger has had several engine replacements and it is not financially feasible to invest any more into the engine. The town has offers on both junked cars.

“So, if we get fully up to where we are with cars, does that mean we can get another car once the other is paid off?” Pape said.

“Not necessarily,” O’Rourke said. “We would have to evaluate the fleet. Since $1,500 is coming strictly out of donation money and you [police] are using the 2007 Charger and Ford CV as a trade in, then we do not see a problem with considering this for approval.”  

Currently, the 2010 is the only police car with low mileage, which is around 52,000 miles.