The Pryor Times

February 12, 2014

County 911 Center prep goes forward

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Mayes County Commissioners took care of some unfinished business at the meeting Monday.

The three commissioners approved hiring two full-time dispatchers for the Mayes County 911 Center.

Newly-hired Director Debbie Pennypacker made a recommendation that the commissioners approve the hiring of two women who previously worked as dispatchers for the center.

“They have each worked there, one currently works there. They both have at least two years of experience there,” said Pennypacker. “I have a few more interviews to conduct so I will come back with more recommendations soon.”

“I appreciate them applying. I look forward to keeping them on out there. I make a motion to approve hiring these two ladies for the 911 Center dispatch position,” said District 1 Commissioner Darrell Yoder.

The trio also approved hiring Muskogee Communications to install repeaters and equipment on the 911 towers.

Mayes County Emergency Management Director Johnny Janzen said it may prove impossible to mount the equipment on an existing PSO tower and therefore made alternate arrangements.

Emergency Management was invited to submit an application for use of the tower north of Salina.

Janzen said that location would be perfect, but the alternate plans are acceptable too.

He said there will be three repeaters in the county which will virtually eliminate dead zones for emergency responders. The total cost to install equipment and upgrade a total of three locations is approximately $24,000.

With a motion by Yoder, the request was approved.

Janzen also presented the completed county-wide emergency plan for the commissioners’ approval. The final draft includes the basic plan as well as 15 additional emergency support functions.

“This plan does not impact day-to-day life, it is used when the county or state is in a state of emergency or disaster,” said Janzen. “If you guys approve this today it will be taken to each town for approval.”

The commissioners approved the plan..