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September 6, 2012

MUB gives August report

PRYOR — The Municipal Utility Board of Pryor Creek released their report for the month of August. Under gas Project 12-1, welded risers were replaced with anodeless risers. Excess flow valves were installed where each riser is exchanged. This project is not yet complete.

Project 12-6 replaces four-inch steel with four-inch plastic at Grove Crest and South Elliott Street. The crew tied the north end of this line. The crew will began replacing a line on Ridgewood in the third week of August.

The grew made a gas tap at 1980 Graham Place.

Water Project 11-4 replaces 10-inch cast iron with 12-inch plastic pipe on Park Street. The crew made a tie-in at Park and South Locke Streets. The crew laid six-inch plastic pipe on South Coo-y-yah Street to make a tie in to a six-inch plastic line that exists at the corner of Park and Coo-y-yah Streets. The crew still needs to do four more tie-ins.

The water crew repaired leaks at 316 North Oklahoma St., Karen and South East 14th Streets, South Taylor and South West First and North East Fifth Streets and Highway 69 and South Vann Street.

Meter readers flagged water meters that are the old Rockwell brand. There are no slow hand readers on these meters.

The sewer crew received nitrogen bottles ordered from the Leland Company. These nitrogen bottles are for the camera to start inspections of the sewer.

Crews have been checking the lift stations to clean and make sure that they are not having trouble with the pumps.

The electric crew spent two weeks locating, digging up and replacing underground wye splices with junction boxes to enable to back feed the addition in case of an outage. This was done for the rest of underground replacement in the East Manor Addition. This also enables crews to finish the pole replacement in the 1300 block of North East Third Street.

The crew set a pole at the fairgrounds to raise up the services that had been torn down a couple of times, ran the white-way system, and the crew sat through a code class to learn about the changes in the code laws.

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