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March 1, 2013

Teehee death remains unsolved

The death of Alex Teehee, a former Pryor citizen, continues to be surrounded in mystery years after the incident.

Teehee was a 20-year-old father of two, living in Florida.

The Florida Highway Patrol’s initial investigation says Teehee was likely hit on purpose when a car crossed the center median, making contact. The car then made a U-turn, leaving Teehee to die. The report states that “evidently there is enough evidence from witness statements that this was an intentional act.”

These reports indicate that Teehee’s father found threatening text messages on his son’s phone just days before the incident.

The family hired experts, who said they supported the original findings of a hit and run, with additional concerns of a prior beating with a blunt object.

“The justice system has failed Alex. The Assistant State Attorney changed the intentional hit and run into an accident, and pursued weaker charges of vehicular homicide/manslaughter against the driver of the car, Ralph Loosman,” said Teehee’s mother, Carol Teehee.

“We waited a year and a half for them to charge Ralph Loosman. When they finally did, there was no trial because they couldn’t find the witnesses,” said Teehee’s sister, Jana Thompson. “Nothing has really happened after that. We’re fighting the justice system and trying to be a voice for Alex.”

“The day before trial, the State Attorney's office dropped the charges, stating they were unable to subpoena the other two boys for trial.  One suspect, Mike Sylvester, was on probation, the other, Matt Tricarico, was a son and brother of local law enforcement,” said Carol Teehee.

“In May of 2012, the Assistant State Attorney closed the case. He is now a judge. The family is currently fighting to have the case reopened, investigated and prosecuted by an independent agency, ‘Alex's voice must be heard!’”

As the case was closed, unsolved, Teehee’s parents are afraid their son’s murder will go unsolved.

Teehee’s mother grew up in Pryor, and his grandmother is still a Pryor resident. Alex Teehee lived in Pryor as a young child. The family moved to Florida from Broken Arrow in 2001.

Now, over four years later, the family appeared on the popular television show, “Dr. Phil.”

“Our hope in going on the show was to bring national attention to the case. We’ve always thought there was corruption because of some connections to the sheriff’s office. There are a lot of things that just don’t make sense,” said Thompson.

The Teehees appeared on the Feb. 18 telecast of the show.

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