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October 11, 2012

New officers chosen for Salina Chamber

SALINA, OK — The October meeting of the Salina Chamber took place Thursday. The consent agenda was approved. The minutes from the September meeting were approved. The first agenda was tabled for phone and email contacts. Tena Pritchett who was to give the report was not at the meeting.

Stephanie Cox reported that their web site had 3,058 views for the month of  September. This was a result of interest in the scarecrow contest. Cox reported there was some cheating as people would vote for their favorite scarecrow more than once using fake email accounts. The winner of the contest is Cherokee Home Health. The second place winner is See More Cash from Lakeside Bank. The Third place winner is Pig N’ Out and Pig N’ Out is the People’s Choice Award winner from people who voted on the web site.

Cox said she planned on painting the brochure racks for the welcome center.

The Coon Hunt had 25 or 26 dogs. Hunters from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and other parts of Oklahoma attended.

The gun raffle was a big success. The Chamber raised $4,295 of that $3,800 was profit split between the Salina Pow Wow Club and the Chamber so each group got $1,900.

Gail Fox said the chamber has one new member for the month of Sept.

Plans were discussed for Salina/Chouteau Days. It was announced there would be no hot air balloon.

Roger Johnson presented the nominations for officers. This was the day of the election of new officers for the Chamber.

There was a list of nominations that the members individually approved. The officers for the next year are: Roger Johnson, President for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Morice Farr, Vice President for 2013. Farr is acting president of the Chamber after the resignation of Cyndi Johnston as president in August.

Gail Fox, Treasurer for 2013 and 2014.

Carole Woollard, Recording Secretary for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Stephanie Cox, Parlimentarian 2013 and 2014.

Debbie Matlock, First Director 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Diana Burns, Second Director 2013

Carolyn Chumwalooky, Third Director 2013 and 2014.

Forth Director is vacant.

Tena Pritchett, Coorespondent Secretary for 2013

In other reports, Doug Simpson cleaned the mold out of the air vents in the Chamber building. He was glad to donate his services to getting rid of the mold.

Gail Fox reported that a large rock was placed at Paradise Tree Park. The rock  costing between $1,500 to $2,000 was donated by Pryor Stone. The Chamber is grateful to Pryor Stone for the donation.

Cadets from Thunderbird Academy cleaned out the creek bed in the town park. The Chamber is grateful to Thunderbird Cadets for their efforts.

It was mentioned at the meeting that for Days of Service all the food collected in Salina will stay in Salina.               

There was no report on Traders Days, Easter Egg Hunt or the Fourth of July Fireworks.

Carole Woollard reported that the Dam Jam Bike run in Sept. was a success.

The Burnout/Carl Belew Day event Labor Day weekend was a success, earning $1,898.55 for the chamber.

Doug Simpson reported on the Pow Wow. It went every well. There were not as many people to work the concessions and sell event items like t-shirts but they still came out ahead financially between two to three thousand dollars. Simpson said they had seven and could have used fifteen people to work the Pow Wow.

Simpson said his secretary has the dollar amount on the Pow Wow and can get that to them at the next Chamber meeting. Simpson said he was grateful to the Chamber for their help in making the Pow Wow a success.

Debbie Matlock and Diana Burns asked the Chamber for up to $1000 for Christmas lights and repairs to existing Christmas lights. Carole Woollard wanted to know if they did not already alot $500 for Chrismas lights from some previous meetings.  It was agreed that if they did alot $500 they would change the $1000 aloted at this meeting back to $500 at a future meeting.

The Christmas Parade is Dec. 8. The theme is Down Home Country Christmas.

There was a motion to approve office supplies for the Chamber office but it was tabled.

There was some dicussion to look for area business, outside of the town, to have join as Chamber members.                             

The Chamber approved having a 2013 Coon Hunt.

Under old business Roger Johnson brought up by laws for the Chamber. He handed out those proposed bylaws to the members present. They will vote on them at the next meeting.                              

The meeting was adjourned.                                                                       

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