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March 4, 2014

Park exercise stations for adults

PRYOR, OK — Those who walk laps at Pryor's Centennial Park may soon have the opportunity to expand their exercise regimen.

This week Pryor's Park Board approved the proposal of adding exercise stations, with equipment and appropriate signs, around the perimeter of the park.

The idea was presented to the board by Community Development/Building Inspector/Code Enforcer Doug Moore.

“As you're jogging around the park there’d be breaks for exercise. Someone would have equipment like balance beams and chin up bars and others would be instructional signs for things like sets of jumping jacks,” said Moore.

Hannah Weaser, Pryor Creek Recreation Center's Administrative Assistant, said the added equipment would increase exercise benefits.

“I think this is a great idea. It is an outside option to get fit and I think it would be a great addition to our hometown,” said Weaser, who recently saw a similar project when visiting another town. “Everyone enjoys different forms of exercise and the key is finding something that you enjoy and sticking with it.”

She said circuit training is a popular fitness option, and the stations might satisfy a need for those wanting to try it out.

“The benefit of circuit training is that it changes the muscles you are using, which allows for you to possibly burn more calories because you are engaging more of your body,” said Weaser, adding that it can be done at a higher intensity in less time working on both recovery time and heart health.

“There are different kinds of circuit training. You can do a cardio circuit. This workout would be made up of several different cardio forms of exercise like running, jumping jacks, jump rope, stationary biking, and others. You would alternate the different forms of cardio for a specific amount of time or repetitions. So you may run for 1 minute, take a 30 sec. (or no break), then you would do jumping jacks for one minute, take a 30-second break and so on,” said Weaser, who added the proposed idea for Centennial Park would allow for this type of circuit training.

Weaser said that as weather warms, this will give the community an added incentive to get outdoors and get moving.

Though the idea is approved, it may lack funding. The concept originated with the Pryor Chamber of Commerce getting grant money to fund the project. The amount turned out to be less than they had hoped. The cost of purchasing the necessary equipment and signs, Moore said, would range depending on the materials used, type of signs and number of equipment items.

The proposal must get city council approval. If the council approves the concept, Moore said funding options will be explored, but noted the project would not come out of the park department's yearly budget.

He emphasized that the concept is adult exercise stations, not playground equipment.


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