The Pryor Times

February 27, 2014

Firefighters discuss new frequency

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Firefighters discussed the ongoing tower project at the association meeting Feb. 24.

The plan is to function on their own radio frequency. The project requires outfitting two existing towers with new equipment and acquiring use of a third tower to be outfitted as well. The group has shared a frequency with Mayes Emergency Service Trust Authority but was given until March 2 to leave the frequency.

Johnny Janzen, director of Mayes County Emergency Manage-ment, told the group the firefighters received an extension from MESTA and will not be required to vacate the frequency in a few weeks. They will be allowed to stay until the move to other towers is complete.

“We've got all of the equipment ordered and most has come in already. We have to change the duplexer on the one west of Adair. On the one between Locust and Chouteau, we have purchased the building to store equipment. It was delivered and set up today. I spoke with REC and they will get electric this week,” said Janzen.

For the third site, they are still waiting on confirmation from PSO.

“We were scouting locations for the third tower and PSO contacted us to say they are interested in pursuing the option if we submit an application with an accompanying equipment list to make sure it wont conflict with anything of theirs,” said Janzen, adding that he thinks it looks promising.

Deputy director of MCEM, Mike Dunham, added that PSO waived the $1,000 application fee and will try to negotiate the rent as low as possible.

The firefighters agreed this location is the best option as it will reduce the number of dead zones across the county.