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September 20, 2012

Locust Grove assistant chief resigns

Locust Grove — The Locust Grove town meeting began with assistant police chief Zeb Rone Monday night.

Rone’s employment with the police force was brought before the council for review at the request of Police Chief Wade Henderson. Rone read a statement to the council in which he told the council what he has done to benefit the  police department, including an arrest within 48 hours from the shooting at the Kum and Go store. He has received an excellent job evaluation.

Rone cited $200,000 in grants he claimed he has acquired for the police department.

Rone made several accusations against the police chief. “What I have witnessed within the police department from my boss — he showed me as well as other officers nude photographs on his personal phone.

“He bragged about seeing breasts of high school students to me. He showed officers in training nude pictures of females on his mobile cops computer through his e-mail camera.

“It was always a fight to get reports done and turned into him... It was a constant battle with agency relations having other departments go to his house, knock on his door, try to get in contact with him when we needed him most.

“He’s also bragged to me about smoking K2 incense (synthetic cannabis) which he purchased on a regular basis from an establishment in Tahlequah. He also bragged about having an ex-Kum and Go employee in his patrol car, to an officer in training while he was on duty ... That’s all I have to say about that.”

Rone said he came to work for Locust Grove in December of 2011. He became a sergeant when he was promoted to a full-time employee. Rone said he has worked with the chief on needed changes in the department.

“As of lately it seems that I’m being viewed as a threat to my boss’ job simply because of my experience. There have been numerous rumors circulating around town that I am trying to take over his position as chief of police. This is simply not true.

I do not and have not wanted to take that position.”

Rone said he was glad to be appointed assistant chief of police. He described the chief of police position, which he said he held in another town, to lead to sleepless nights. Rone said Henderson has accused him of inappropriate things with citizens. Rone said he has asked for proof of what he is accused of having done wrong. He said that due to the conflicts in the department, he did not see any other way to improve the situation except by resigning his post. Rone then quietly left the room.

The council made no acknowledgement to Rone’s remarks, nor his resignation.

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