The Pryor Times

February 8, 2013

Adair hires full-time officer

Managing Editor
Kathy Parker

— Glen Parman was hired as a full-time police officer at Adair Monday night.

The board of trustees considered applications in an executive session. Parman will begin work Feb. 16 at $13 per hour.

Wesley Reed was hired as a part-time officer on a six-month probationary period beginning immediately. Justin Pritchett was hired as a reserve officer. Reserves are not paid.

The rest of the police department includes Police Chief H.W. Jordan, full-time officer Hank Perryman, part-time officer Kody Rowley, reserves Asa Sharp and Monte Hipp.

A Feb. 2 resignation letter from Joey Johnston was accepted at Monday’s meeting.

The old water treatment plant has been completely disconnected. Water Superintendent Scott Martin said the new water line, connecting the town to Rural Water District 6, is working well.

“We kind of over-filled the tower,” Martin said. The pressure was left five pounds too high and over 500,000 gallons was lost, making a 23 percent water loss in January. But the bugs are being worked out on the new system and Martin is installing new water meters. Trustees discussed contracting to have all the meters installed at one time, but there is not a flat-rate price and installation would be expensive. Martin said he can install the meters, it will just take more time, possibly a few weeks.

“We may save enough on installation to buy the rest of the meters,” Martin said. The town has purchased and received 120 meters. More than 300 hundred will be needed. “Let me give it a shot and we’ll go from there,” Martin said.

There is more to installing the meters than just putting them in the ground. Each one will have an antenna so it can be read with a hand-held computer using a GPS system.

The new water line project to replace pipe in town will begin soon.

“I’ve talked to the contractor and he’s rearing to go,” said Engineer Dwayne Henderson. He brought the contracts for trustees to sign Monday. The contractor was awarded a base bid. The company agrees to continue installing pipe above the base bid as far as the town’s allotted funds will allow.

The town must obtain a permit from the Department of Environmental Quality. Henderson said the only requirement remaining is flow tests from some fire hydrants. Fire Chief Craig Cooper said the tests will be completed by Feb. 10.

Trustees accepted the 2011-2012 fiscal year audit, prepared by CPA Violet Kirkendall. The town’s net assets were $4,305,583. Liabilities totaled $1,168,106, bringing the total net asset figure to $3,137,476.

“Everything that I tested was in order and I had documentation for everything I needed,” Kirkendall said.

Perryman reported the police department wrote 19 tickets, had one DUI, one arrest, one burglary, one petit larceny and one rape case in January.

Mayes Emergency Services Trust Authority rents space for first responders and an ambulance at the Adair Fire Department. The five-year lease is expiring. Trustees voted to offer MESTA a year-to-year lease with the same terms at the same price.