The Pryor Times

April 4, 2013

Pryor Council approves rec center contract

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— Pryor Council approves rec center contract

Pryor’s recreation center is on the town agenda needing funds. Tuesday’s city council meeting was no exception.

Approval of expenditure of $3,600 ($300 per month) to Push Pedal Pull Inc., for preventative maintenance agreement for the Pryor Recreation Center was among the consent agenda items.

“The company that was doing this for us went bankrupt and only gave us about a two-week notice. In order to maintain our warranty, we have to have this equipment serviced,” said Mayor Jimmy Tramel.

The preventative maintenance agreement lists all of the covered equipment as well as the repairs covered. “Repairs done during scheduled PM's requiring less than five minutes to perform are included under this agreement. All other repairs performed during scheduled PM will be billed at $60/hr in half-hour increments,” it said.

Councilman Greg Rosamond asked about the expenditure of $300 per month and if it will obligate funds past this fiscal year. When the council ascertained that it would, city attorney Kim Ritchie told the council it is not allowed to obligate funds past the current fiscal year.

The five-minute time window was brought up by councilman Travis Noland.

“Five minutes is not much time, it takes me that long to walk in the building,” said Noland.

The council voted to approve the motion pending the agreement reflect a 15-minute time window and a cut-off date of July 1.

The expenditure of $4,067.50 to Melton's Heat and Air  for an air conditioning unit for city hall was approved in two parts. First the council approved declaring it an emergency expenditure.

“What happened is lightning struck and grounded this thing out. We immediately had problems. Melton's came up to take care of it. It was a fire hazard,” said Tramel.

In a second motion, the council approved the total expenditure for replacement of the unit, acknowledging another more expensive bid from Rheem was submitted.

The council approved the expenditure of $2,511.56 to Graber & Associates, PC, for the construction administration period ending March 31, based on 20 percent of a six percent fee of contractor application for payment number six in the amount of $209,296.81 for the City Hall Bond Project.

Also for the City Hall Bond project, council members approved the expenditure of $209,296.81 to CMS Willowbrook for application number six.

The resignation of Animal Control Officer Thomas Williams was accepted and approved.

Under petitions from the audience, Pryor Fire Chief Tim Thompson reported that a regional fire school is taking place in Pryor.

The training will take place in parking lot just north of Rogers State University on three weekends, according Thompson.

He reported that the three weekends combined will have just under 300 participants.