February 23, 2012

Bill requires background checks

February 23, 2012

ADAIR — OKLAHOMA CITY — Legislation approved unanimously by the House Public Safety Committee would expand background checks to all adults participating in overnight activities associated with schools or who have access to school locker rooms.

House Bill 3076 would require fingerprints to be taken of the prospective volunteer and sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to conduct a background check. The volunteer organization or volunteer would have to pay the fee associated with the background check.

  “My constituents have had concerns about school safety, not because of any story in Oklahoma, but just because of some of the national stories they have heard,” said Joe Dorman (D-Rush Springs). “I think it is appropriate that adults who will be around students on either an overnight trip or in the locker rooms submit to a background check.”

Dorman noted that volunteers would only have to submit to one background check, unless there is break in the priod of service of over a year for the volunteer effort.

“A regular volunteer is not going to be required to submit to a background check again and again,” Dorman said. “That wouldn’t be practical and could discourage volunteerism.”           

            House Bill 3075 will now proceed to the House floor for consideration.

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