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March 25, 2014

Students learn business model from lemonade

PRYOR, OK — Lincoln Elementary School students learned a valuable lesson, turning lemons into profit.

It all started when students read the book “The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies.

“The book is about a brother and sister that challenged each other to a lemonade selling contest. They use competition, sabotage, business strategies, and old-fashion hard work to reach their goal,” said teacher Kathy Lee. “While reading this book my students expressed an interest in setting up their own stands for a little friendly competition and to raise money for our local Pryor Animal League.”

The students created a business plan, worked on advertising, designed posters (persuasive writing), prepared anouncements and determined the cost of their lemonade.

“They also had to find or create their own recipe, make the lemonade, and prepare it for selling. Once the stands were open for business, it was the students’ responsibility to serve the lemonade, encourage customers to buy from their stand and serve as cashier,” said Lee.  “We sold lemonade to our lower grade kids on Wednesday, tallied our earnings and discussed why some were more successful than others. This has been a great cooperative learning activity.”

Through this experience the students learned about supply and demand and how location is critical to business success. They also learned the value of teamwork and cooperation, said Lee.

“We learned about supply, demand, and how location is critical to success. Students learned the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Most of all the kids have had a great time learning how to make real lemonade and make money,” said Lee.

Friday, students from all over the building poured into the cafeteria, money in hand, to purchase their lemonade. The marketing was so convincing, and competition so stiff that some visitors, like Pryor Public School Superintendent Don Raleigh, left with no less than three glasses of lemonade.

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