The Pryor Times

May 2, 2013

Raising funds to buy the Allred

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— With a sheriff’s auction just around the corner, the Allred Theater is tugging on the heartstrings of the community in an effort to rally support. An investment group is raising funds to purchase the building.

Robert Jones is currently operating the Allred and hopes enough money will be raised to buy the building and keep the movie house open.

Raymond Stimpson, former employee of the theater and current founder of the investment group, said he is counting on nostalgia to boost the auction fund.

“We want to remind people of their connection to the theater. We want them to remember the good times and remember it is the life blood of the community,” he said. “Theater is a great equalizer. When the lights go down, we have a shared human experience. This isn't just some theater, it means more.”

He said it isn't just about the fond memories, however.

“The theater is currently the only business on Main Street that will draw in a crowd that size. It's a civic duty. The closing of this theater would hinder the success of the main street program as a whole.” he said.

The sheriff's auction is May 9. Funds are being raised to purchase the theater building and complete numerous rennovations.

Photos, accompanied by fond memories, have been pouring into the investment group’s website and facebook page. Some pictures, Simpson says, were found in a box upstairs in the Allred.