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March 16, 2013

Chouteau resident gets another chance

The home of Mohamed E. Boudhhir was the subject of discussion at yet another Chouteau Board of Trustees meeting.

Boudhhir’s home, on South McCracken Street in Chouteau, is considered dilapidated and in violation of city codes.

He was originally instructed to get his property up to code, or tear it down. However, at the last board meeting the was granted an additional 30 days. This is not the first time Boudhhir was given an extension.

“I went by his place, he has cut some brush off the fence line but that’s it. I don’t think it’s an improvement,” said Mayor Jerry Floyd. “Is that all you’ve done?”

“When I get a chance to do something I do it, but sometimes the weather doesn’t allow it and I work for a living,” said Boudhhir.

“I would make a motion to give him more time, as long as he keeps working on it but what does the rest of the board say?” said Floyd.

“I say it’s okay as long as he keeps working on it,” said board member Brenda Cunningham.

The rest of the board agreed.

The Board of Trustees entered an executive session to discuss three town employees: Police Chief Lynn Hershberger, Officer Kyle Murry and Zach Jackson.

In regard to Hershberger and Murry, trustees discussed three-month evaluations and pay raises. Floyd made a motion to grant Hershberger a raise of $1 an hour effective the next pay period. Murry will be entitled to all benefits after his three-month evaluation, per the employee manual. Jackson, the town’s part-time dog catcher, was terminated.

The agenda reflected a planned discussion on the AT&T lease.

“What they offered was $6,500 per year, or a lump sum of $2,500. I called their representative and he offered us $8,612 per year which is a couple dollars more than Sprint,” said Floyd.

The terms of the lease, as outlined on the agenda, were $8,612 per year, commencing June 1 with a 5 percent rent increase every five years.

Board member Cecil Lane asked the length of the lease, to which Floyd replied it was indefinite.

The board discussed that paying yearly would be better for the town than paying a lump sum. The lack of term outlined in the agreement caused the board pause.

Floyd moved to take no action until he can ascertain whether or not the company will allow the town to define an end date for the lease.

Bill Dinsmore of Pryor Waste and Recycling spoke to the board about the town’s Trash-Off Day, April 20. Dumpsters will be placed inside the gate of the wastewater treatment plant.

“Last year it saved us a lot of time and effort to have them there at the treatment plant,” said Floyd.

Dinsmore requested no tires, chemicals or paint cans in the dumpsters as the Department of Environmental Quality is getting more strict.

For the second year in a row the town will have volunteers from the community and from Thunderbird Youth Academy go to the homes of people who are unable to participate in the clean-up day. The volunteers will clean up their yards and haul away the trash.

It was discussed that USA Metal might provide a dumpster specifically for metal.

Dinsmore told the board he does every thing as environmentally friendly as possible, not taking materials to landfills unless he has no choice.

After reviewing the town’s budget at the last Board of Trustees meeting, Floyd made a request to form a committee to work on the 2013/2014 budget year.

“Don’t everybody jump up at once,” joked Floyd, when nobody volunteered.

Cunningham asked how many meetings would be required.

“She wants it. I nominate her,” joked board member David Morgan.

Cunningham passed the duties off to Lane and Floyd.

Michael Bailey and John Shepard were nominated to the Board of Trustees of the Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group for a three-year term commencing July 1.

“These people that are incumbents and have been in office there a long time. We’ve renominated them before and I don’t see a reason not to do it again,” said Floyd.

The board didn’t see a reason either and the motion passed.

Payments were approved in the amount of $779.82 and $625 to be paid to the Mayes County Election Board for the Precinct Board Compensations and CNA Surety for Annual Bonding Dues, respectively. Both payments will be taken from the general funds.

In the mayor’s report, Floyd said things are still moving toward remodeling the fire station.

He said the town needs to consider annexing a property north of Chouteau Creek.

“I know it will take a while to finish. There are reasons we need to do this that I’m not at liberty to discuss,” said Floyd.

“I’ve talked to Kum & Go and IHOP and they are supposed to get back to us,” said Floyd. “I think things are going to start looking up for the town, I really do.”


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