The Pryor Times

April 4, 2014

Choir gets high scores, plans musical

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Pryor High School choir teacher Sarah Clemmens could not be more proud of her choir students.

On stage, on the field and on the go, this choir has seen their share of success this year.

“Feb. 22 we took 21 solo/ensembles to District Contest. The solos that scored ones are Jordan Bryant, Amanda Green, Malarie Kerr, David Rathbone, Rachelle Ritter, Charley Shaffer, Brooke Thorman, Rachel Wallis, Travis Watters, Clara Wenger and Ricky Wilson. Duets that made ones are Shiloh Johnson and Rachel Wallis, Amanda Green and Courtney Miller, David Rathbone and Travis Watters,” said Clemmens.

“We had a men’s quartet make a one, and five large ensembles make ones. Twenty of the 21 things we took to contest made ones (Superior Ratings), so they will get to go to Oklahoma Baptist University for State solo/ensemble contest on April 25.”

Twenty choir students opened a Tulsa Oilers game March 21 by singing the national anthem.

“We all had a great time and it was an amazing experience. Plus, no one slipped on the ice, so that’s an added bonus,” said Clemmens.

Clemmens said in January she sent an audition tape to the Tulsa Drillers of the choir performing the national anthem.

“Of all the groups that auditioned for that, our choir was one of the groups selected that get to sing at a game. We will be singing the national anthem for the Drillers game May 30,” said Clemmens. “We are all very excited, and I am so proud of the choir. These students have worked hard this year.”

The choir will compete in a State Choir Contest April 9 at Union High School.

“We are taking a mixed choir, treble choir and tenor/bass choir. Each choir sings two songs we have prepared in class on the Union High School PAC stage,” Clemmens said. “This will be judged by three people. After our stage performance, we go to the sight-reading room where we sing a piece that none of us has seen before. We are all hoping to get sweepstakes this year. The students have worked extremely hard and I know they will do their best at contest.”

The group is now dusting off their boots as they begin preparation for this year's musical, “Oklahoma.”

“The performances will take place Friday and Saturday, May 2 and 3 at 7 p.m. We are in the middle of rehearsals right now and the students are working very hard to produce a first-class musical. Tickets will be available soon,” said Clemmens.

The main cast of this year's musical includes Laurey Williams played by Malarie Kerr, Curly McClain by Ricky Wilson, Aunt Eller by Katie Pilmaier, Jud Fry by Travis Watters, Ado Annie by Rachelle Ritter, Will Parker by Jordan Bryant, Ali Hackim by Myklind Reyes-Sosi, Andrew Carnes by Nathan Phillips, Ike Skidmore by David Rathbone and Gertie Cummings by Clara Wenger.