The Pryor Times

December 19, 2012

Three wreck victims taken to hospital

Cydney Baron
Managing Editor

PRYOR — Cydney Baron

Staff Writer

Bystanders were first on the scene of a two-car collision late Tuesday afternoon. A Toyota truck failed to yield at a stop sign, and was hit by an oncoming Honda sedan. A Mercy Regional Oklahoma ambulance was passing through on Highway 20 and arrived at the scene. The driver of the truck was an 85-year-old woman. Her son was a passenger. The woman was stabilized before being loaded onto the air evac helicopter. The son, Jack Lions, was unharmed. The driver of the car was a pregnant woman. Her toddler was a passenger.

Sean LaValley, who lives at the intersection of Highway 20 and 429 Road, saw the collision from his window and rushed to help. “ I saw the child in the carrier, and rushed to make sure it was OK.” he said. “This sort of thing happens way too often at this intersection.”

Though no injuries can be confirmed at this time, it was speculated that the driver of the truck, a diabetic, suffered a head injury.

Both drivers and the toddler were taken to the hospital.

A total of three ambulances, three fire trucks, an air evac helicopter and numerous highway patrol vehicles were on the scene. The truck, which had flipped onto its side, leaked fuel which firefighters used foam to stabilize.