December 3, 2012

LG hears waste water plant update

December 3, 2012 Staff Writer Ted King

PRYOR — The Locust Grove Public Works Authority met last week.

Mary Elizabeth Mach with Garver Engineering presented an update on the town’s waste water treatment plant. Mach said the start date of Feb. 1, 2013, for new design and specifications for the plant is, “Simply put, unrealistic.”

She said that date is not the recommendation of Garver Engineering and that Garver has been working with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality to push the date six months to Aug. 1.

Mach said she is hopeful the date will be extended.

Mach said she  told ODEQ the Feb. 1 date is not going to happen from a financial standpoint.

“They accepted this report as it stands and in that report you can see that Aug. 1 of 2013 is our date forsubmitting plans of specifications. You might say I am arguing with them (ODEQ) on the city’s behalf.”  Mach added that if the town approves the consent order with Garver, the town has a better chance of getting the date moved to Aug. 1.

Geotechnical Services had not been included for this proposed design for the waste water treatment plant. Mach said Garver had subcontracted with Geotechnical Services in the past, but to “pass the savings on to you” she suggested the town contract with them directly on the waste water plant and  in so doing save “several thousands of dollars.” The PWA approved the work order with Garver to set up a design on the waste water plant.

The PWA took no action regarding a water tap for Joe McFarland who is father of town trustee Tony McFarland, and cannot make a decision on his father’s water tap as they are related.

This left only Vice Mayor Heath Holman and Brenda Williams to make a decision and they did not have a quorum.

The PWA took no action on soliciting bids for water wells for residents along 570 Road who experience non-compliant water pressure. No residents along 570 Road were present at the meeting.

The PWA approved $150 Christmas bonuses for full-time employees and $75 for part-time employees.

The PWA tabled the meeting dates for the 2013 calendar.

The PWA approved paying invoice 4564 for $563 to J & W Mechanical. This was taken out of the water and sewer fund. This was for clearing a sewer line.

The PWA approved payment on invoices 4293 and 4346 for  $1,883.60 to

S & D Electric. The funds were taken out of the water and sewer fund. The water plant pumps were not running. S & D replaced on pump and rebuilt the engine of another.

The PWA approved payment on an invoice for $1,302.24 to Pryor Stone for rock and screens for the water line replacement to be taken out of the PWA fund.

The PWA approved payment of invoice 0945704-IN for $6,010.79 to Water Products for pipes, couplings, and other items necessary for laying of the new water line.

The PWA discussed raising the rate of a water deposit for renters in town from $100 to $150 or $200. Town Clerk Tamatha Ogilvie said “Ninety-five percent of renters leave owning the town money on their water bill.” Ogilvie said the deposit increase may help offset the loses. Town attorney Tammy Ward said she would have to check the law as it may not be legal to charge renters a different deposit rate than what is paid to home owners. No action was taken.

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