The Pryor Times

June 20, 2013

Repeat drug offenders busted in Pryor

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— At 6:22 p.m.  Monday Southridge Drive was flooded with sirens and flashing lights as Mayes County Sheriff's Office arrived on the scene

Assisted by the Pryor Police Department and Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, deputies executed a narcotics search warrant at 1704 Southridge Drive.

Voices over the police scanner alerted officers to loud noises and activity in the garage telling them multiple people were inside the house.

The officers spent several hours searching the premises, including the vehicles.

The warrant resulted in four arrests: Don Summerlin, Jonathan Weaver, Laura Fletcher and Raymond Lewis. During the search law enforcement seized chemicals and supplies used in the manufacture of methamphetamine as well as paraphernalia used to ingest the drug, according to Investigator Jason Treat.

Of the five vehicles at the residence, two were associated with the crime and seized by the sheriff's office according to Treat.

The suspects were each arrested on charges of endeavoring to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance (methamphetamine).

Don Summerlin and his wife Shauna Summerlin have owned the house for a year. Neighbors said it was a quiet neighborhood before the Summerlins moved in and they aren't surprised the couple was involved in drug activity.

The suspects were scheduled to be on the arraignment docket the following morning. Weaver appeared before Judge Rebecca Gore via video conference and was told he has failure to pay on previous traffic charges. For the failure to pay his bond was set at 10 times the amount owed, to total $17,150. Weaver's failure to pay hearing was set for June 26.

In regard to the remaining defendants, who were also to appear via video, Gore conferred with the assistant district attorney. Gore then announced a probable cause affidavit was not complete and the state had until

4 p.m. to do so. If a probable cause affidavit was not submitted by 4 p.m., the defendants would have been released.

As a probable cause affidavit was submitted on time, the four defendants appeared before Gore for arraignment Wednesday afternoon. Gore read each suspect their rights and official charges; possession of methamphetamine (a controlled dangerous substance), endeavoring to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance, possession of surveillance equipment (cameras) and possession of a firearm. All charges were after former felony convictions.

Gore, on suggestion from the state, set bond at $200,000 each. She noted that Fletcher’s out-of-state record includes bail jumping and manslaughter.

Upon hearing the rights, charges and bail amount, Lewis he asked for a reduction.

“I have no priors, why is my bond so high? Can I get a reduction? I work,” said Lewis. “And this endeavoring, I don’t know anything about that. They cuffed me and brought me in. I’ve been in here for two days and didn’t even know what my charges were.”

Gore advised Lewis that he has the right to an attorney.

Lewis does, in fact, have several priors. Lewis' Oklahoma charges include embezzlement, trafficking in illegal drugs, possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm after conviction/during probation and domestic assault and battery.

She set the case on the preliminary hearing sounding docket July 11.

 All of the defendants have prior felony convictions in multiple states, including burglary in the second degree, knowingly concealing stolen property and other drug related charges,  according to Treat.

Fletcher's charges in Oklahoma include unlawful cultivation of marijuana.

Shauna Summerlin was arrested May 28 for possession of a controlled dangerous substance (methamphetamine), a felony,  and public intoxication. At her initial appearance in Mayes County District Court, her case was continued to the preliminary hearing sounding docket June 20 and bond was set at $5,000.

Court records reflect that Shauna Summerlin uses the aliases Shauna Carr and Shauna Jett. Between the three names, her Oklahoma criminal record includes a felony count of “false pretense or con game over $500” in Tulsa County earlier this year.  

Don Summerlin also goes by Don Summerlin Jr., and Richie Summerlin and is a co-defendant in the con-game charge. He has been charged with money judgment and failure to pay taxes.

Treat said Fletcher, Lewis and Weaver also have multiple aliases.